The happiest people are …

Thanks Canva … for offering the meme business.

Doing their own thing

Minding their own business

Staying in their own lane

Creating their own lives, for their own lives

That’s what they (the experts) tell us …. right?

What about those people who are VERY happy while:

Butting into other people’s business

Poking their noses into other people’s business

Making major decisions that don’t have anything to do with them

Staying oblivious to how their words or actions will affect (effect) other people

Some of the meme’s are right and some of them are just willfully ignoring entire groups of people


How do we know if that ‘meme’ wisdom is right for us or not?

If it hits home and makes you feel good about your life ~ then it’s for you.

If it makes you feel bad about your life ~ then it’s not.

For the most part, the meme posters are not trying to hurt anyone. They are hoping to reach their target audience. That’s all.

They are focused on generating business. That’s all.

Sure, they want to help people (the helping professionals that is).

There is a LOT of online business out there that makes us cringe, feel negative emotions, or just get furious. But there’s just as much out there that’s really good.

Some people ONLY focus on the good, which can be annoying, but … do they mean to ignore the toxic or negatives? No. They just don’t talk about it online.

What we see about someone online is not the whole person. Rarely …. RARELY do we see a whole person’s life in an online format.

Then again, there are some super shady people out there promoting themselves as REALLY good people when in truth, they are the ugliest of humanity.

Writers get to use all of this ~ researchers use all of this ~ companies use all of this. All in very different ways.

Go to the beach … what are you waiting for? 🙂

See? That was such an entitled thing to say. Not everyone can afford to go to the beach. Time costs money. Gas to get there costs money. Availability and money costs money. Beaches, parking, food for the day … all cost money.

Be aware when you (we) post advice for people. It’s going to help some people feel great while hurting others since the reminder … will offer nothing but regret or sadness.

The happiest people are those who know themselves so fully and completely, that they don’t feel or need to be in the business of others while also … knowing what is meant for them and what is not.

Know who you are. Be who you are. Stay true to who you are.



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