Happiness is …

Not a one of us knows everything … we’re not a library. So? Is happiness ONLY about being something … or can it be the absence of something too? I say yes.

Photo by Olena Bohovyk on Pexels.com

Happiness is also …

Avoiding toxic people

Never having to work with abusive people

Seeing narcissism for what it is, then staying away from those people

Understanding that when someone is determined the argue, the only true path is away from them

Giving one chance, and one chance only.

Listening to what they do, not just what they say

Giving yourself permission to walk away from everyone and anything that doesn’t feel right

Knowing that the dark side of happiness is this ~ some people are VERY happy … destroying the lives of other people

Realizing that no matter how hard you try to explain your POV, there will be others determined to misunderstand you.

Deleting, blocking and unfriending insincere people.

Point being …

If they are not on your side, or cheering for your success … they are not your people.

With that said …

Quoted on Linkedin

There will be people who will act like, or pretend to be your people until it no longer serves them.

Happiness is … figuring out sooner, rather than later … who those people are too.

Read what the OG sources of success have to say …

The harsh reality is … there are entirely too many people out there believing themselves to be the MOST important person in the world while also … being a very unpleasant person. Too many to count.

When you hit a certain age … you realize that their drama is not yours to carry.


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