Action or Reaction? Sunday edition

For most of my 2021-2022 social media has been a RE-action to something someone else was saying or doing. MOST of social media is that. A reaction or response to other people’s opinions.

Wild Woman Sisterhood

If y’all are here (for example) ’cause I called out the fake christians or fake anybody’s for that matter … then, MY opinion is that the religion I grew up in is being used and manipulated. You better bet your sweet bippy that this upsets me. And yet … is there anything I can do about it?


Do you think any of the master marketers called Kardashian cares one fig about my opinion?


I get that and I’m 100% cool with it.

Here’s the thing though … IF you read MY post and it rubs you the wrong way … then YOU are reacting … instead of owning your emotions.

Wild Woman Sisterhood

Let’s chew on that a while.

Y’all … I’m team Wild Woman Sisterhood all the way.

I’m a womb mate to all humanity as are you. The fact that some of y’all are trying to say that your side of the womb was somehow special or more magical than the one I shared with sibs … then you would be mistaken.

100% of all humans are born of a 10 month gestation if they are healthy humans who survive that journey. We are all born. We will all die.

What happens in the middle?

Well that’s the stuff of writers and bards. 🙂

And seriously …. if you want to wear a Nun’s Habit or a Muslim Woman’s Hijab or a midwestern Christian woman’s Target Chic Prairie frock …. knock yourself out. But if you want to wear stilettos, a thong bikini and/or a kickin’ sweat suit from Nike … that is ALSO your business.

Wild Woman Sisterhood Inspired.

As for the rest of my social media journey in 2022 ~ I’m deep diving into an extraordinarily ordinary life. Inspired, of course, by extraordinary women.

Helen Mirren
Dame Judi Dench

We have wasted SO MUCH TIME …. trying to please other people or live up to their standards, or bend over backward to be noticed … it’s not worth it. Nobody is worth it.

Don’t follow people ’cause you hate them or it sparks anger in you … that’s such a waste of valuable real estate in your brains.



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