I’m SUPER Salty these days … maybe it’s the heat? Or … maybe social media is a shite show?

I got hacked … again. When that happens, you have to go cleanse ALL of your social media and wish you had Anonymous to help you clean up the dirty, dirty dirt bags who find joy in hurting other people. Those feckers.

Why else am I salty lately?

Because people get salty. It’s an unrealistic expectation to ALWAYS be joyful, happy or not care. I SEE the highest energy out there vibrating above the rest of us, but … that is not always possible. When it is, it takes practice.

Read an article yesterday about yet another professor (two of them) who sexually harassed their students. They will get away with it. They almost always do. Their colleges and fields protect them.

Thinking about how social media is going.

Why it’s even a thing. … ???

I’m feeling VERY salty today. I’m just going to flow with the feeling instead of trying to be positive. Let that frustration and anger flow through on its way toward … a mental break from shitty things.

I just got ripped off by yet another clothing company from China who hides under layers of fake business names, then sell you impossibly shitty clothes. Then, tell you to basically go fork yourself and there’s nothing wrong with the cheap crap they sent you in exchange for basically stealing from you. When you try to get PayPal involved, they don’t really care either.

Have you seen really great clothes in ads on your social media feeds? Yeah … one of those. I just got ripped off for $144.08. Those feckers. Here’s the reviews. The name on the company is not the name of the company, or the shipping address, AND, they have stollen a NJ name (Jane) to use as their USA company address. I contacted them. It’s not them. They said. I reported to PayPal who is also ghosting me on this. That makes having a total of >$500 just ripped off in the past two years.

NEVER buy from one of those companies. A very expensive life lesson.

I’ve lost money to three such orders in the past 2 years.

Saw FIVE pages on TikTok run by PhD’s or PsyD’s who just bashed people for being a certain demographic while also saying what they thought was right, and at least five other professionals who sounded SO confident but were down right wrong (factually, quantifiably wrong). The MedDocs are usually right, but the celebrity Neuropsychiatrist calls people “lazy” for not eating organic. Um, food deserts are a thing Doc. Clearly clueless to anything outside the 90210. πŸ™ˆ

I can’t even …. about the politicians. πŸ˜’

The world is making bad movies (watching one now), cheap content (ahem, streaming services that turned their C-Suites into billionaires), and all of a sudden, EVERYONE is an expert. πŸ™

The 20-something year olds who give the exact SAME content/advice on how to become a millionaire in a matter of minutes. That one is very annoying. 🀨

The younger women who have NO idea what life was life in the 70’s, 80’s or early 90’s for women … and yet … blame ALL of life’s difficulties for them ON older women … calling us ‘boomers’ as a cuss word. 🀯

There are purely judgmental hate filled violent people who hide under the cloak of Christianity … when there’s not a damn christian thing in them. 🀬

The nightmare things coming out of how brutally savage the Russian travesty is toward the Ukraine civilians. Unspeakable savagery.🀬🀬🀬

Self Help Guru’s are giant billion dollar con artists who are all saying the same thing!!! When you listen to enough of them … you realize that. It’s a freaking cult! 😩

Our country is falling apart.

The news sucks.

The news wants us all to live in fear.

The human desire for shock value

Then there are people who just steal other people’s work ~ artists and writers are the target.

It’s HARD to be HAPPY when the world is pushing darkness in your face at every turn.

Wealthier artists and authors have the cloak of a protective publisher to help them. The small Indie-press authors or artists … flying solo means unless you’re also a lawyer … it’s tough out there. 🫀

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

For another thing ~ People are following people just to pile-on-cyber-bully someone … and others? They are out there just wrecking havoc with real people’s lives. Then, there are the Gary V’s of the world promoting no higher education ’cause it’s too expensive … basically saying ‘you can become me without any college’ while excusing the $3,000,000 trust fund he was given.

*Little ‘ol Gary has a tell. Watch him smirk and smile when giving advice that he knows is bullshit. Whenever he’s shoveling the poo, he smirks*

Prince EA is doing the same. Ignoring the fact that he has a rare talent, but his millions of followers don’t.

Go To College!!!! Yeah, it’s expensive, but you are worth the investment!

The opposite end of that is holding on to the old guard, saying that unless you strive for the elite Ivy Leagues … you aren’t trying hard enough. An antiquated ideal that only very expensive education is worthy of notice.

That’s also bullshit … college is a consumer’s market where you go to learn a skill, how to think critically, expand your talents and ultimately, become more emotionally intelligent. It’s NOT for the sports … unless you are a Pro athlete. Money talks. But … that’s 1% of the 1%. For the other 99.99% … focus, gain the degree and dive into the career.

Speaking of …

I also started working as a freelancer. I’ve been ripped off a few times there too. One of them … got mad at me for sending a 2nd invoice 10 days after the first … because they were too busy to pay me.


Then, (people who approached me) … acted as if they were entitled to my work for FREE.

Does Tiffany’s give away jewelry for free … in hopes of getting paid in the future? NO! Well, maybe they do with the elite 1% … but not for the rest of us.

A friend pointed out that exploited entitlement to your work without compensation is both exploitive AND human trafficking (work edition).

This is a MUCH longer list but seriously …. IS IT JUST ME OR ….

Are you ready to just find a cute cabin in the woods, do a job that does NOT require the internet … and just go offline?

I’m there now. Sort of.

I’m in the woods on a small farm, living out a simple life, deleting my social media … one at a time …. ’cause seriously …. alllllll of what I just described and then some … it all makes people happy.

Happiness can be very dark too.

IF we are not careful.

IF we don’t wake up as a species and change how we use it.

Deleting the toxins from our body means, deleting what we feed our body, right?

Deleting social media is one of those toxins.

The toxic positivity

The toxic hate mongers who troll

The toxic MIS-information

The very fact that I have had REAL LIVE hateful, hurtful, gossiping, people who worked hard at destroying my life … means that the last thing I need or want in my psyche is any of this toxic fodder for more bad behavior.

All of it.

Even this page. How productive is it?

Can I alone change the trajectory of the fucking prairie wearing holier than thou bible thumpers who somehow are bringing back the crusades? Those people are terrifying. They are no better than the very religious zealots we sent our military to battle for two decades.

No. But they sure do scare the hell out of a whole lot of people, then flip the narrative and call human rights advocates, ‘mean’. Talk about domestic violence to the extreme! Yeah … it makes me mad.

An entire generation of people pretending to be the voice of god to shroud their fear, hatred and narcissistic prowess.

We could ignore it and pretend that everything is awesome. We could turn a blind eye to the suffering. People do that all the time. The ‘good news’ clubs are really good at side-stepping the awful things, rather than plunging right through the middle with

None of it belongs in the world I am building for myself and I hope … it doesn’t belong in yours either.

I’m just going to leave this here.

It’s time for a social media cleanse.

So yeah …. I’m salty.

OH … but I did buy a super nice payment tent for art fairs … on Zazzle. it came out really nice. NOW … I just have to go book an art fair that won’t interfere with work time.

Zazzle Inc. custom made … you are always welcome to send me a tip for my brilliant writing. LOL 😁

The GOOD thing that came out of this week … even if I did have to cancel the event I was getting them for. There will be other events and these will be handy.

Touchless-handsfree & automatic record keeping in 3 forms of payment … not bad for a gal who hasn’t used cash in 2 & 1/2 years.

What do you do when the world is filled with contrasts and things that freak you out?

I go off line, cleanse the internet and start all over.

Pretend you’re an etch-a-sketch … wipe your life clean and start again.



The House of Henry Healing @ henry healing.com

Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel a bit nicer … it depends on how my offline day in the green mountains goes. I’m off to go earthing and sunbathing. πŸ™‚

Oh hey … the emoji’s … I have a new MacBook Pro with emoji’s built into the keyboard. I don’t care what anyone says about them … I like them. πŸ™‚

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