I’ve hit an age where I am unimpressed by so many things.

This is Oliver. I fostered him from 2 weeks. Someone tossed him out the window, considering him a ‘less than’ cat. He was one of the cutest kittens I ever fostered. Today, a year later, one of the BEST cats I’ve even been owned by. I am in #awe of his personality, coat and magical pale green eyes. He’s perfect in every way.

Oliver proves that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

#Potential #Awe #CatsofInstagram #BeautyandGrace #meaningandPurpose #Love #RescueCats #fosterkittens #Diamonds

Oliver is a diamond hidden in the coal.

I don’t try to prove or argue or one up anyone in anything.

Some people are determined to be right. Let them.

Others are determined to be the wealthiest, or smartest, or most important. Let them.

The wisest people don’t try to prove their value or worth. They know who they are.

There was this guy on another social media page who just hash tagged me #science. I’ve been in this business, teaching, learning, coaching, counseling and writing … for a quarter of a century. But yep … hashtag at me. I’m cool with it.

The fella must’ve just written a paper, or gotten King level praise for his new found discovery of the same research I was reading years ago.

Know this about #science though.

Not all things studied can be applied to all people in all cultures at all times. **This was the point I was making, but the dude didn’t get that**

What works for one population, is a disaster for others.

This is Ink who inspired @InkHoneypub ~ she was also someone’s throw away cat … their loss is my gain. She’s a magical being sent by the fae folk for sure.

When we see the connection between the suffering and the crystalized grace of amazing awe ~ we live a more profound version of ourselves.

Do you feel this way? Are you also a middle aged human having a human experience. Waking up to your connection and interaction with the rest of #societyandculture ?

I don’t change who I am to please others. I refuse to be someone other than who I am so that some stranger or professional will approve of me.

I’ve been around long enough to have earned my seat at the table. No apologies. No take backs.

After years of putting up with others, rather than defining my terms …. something that millions of people of my generation had to do (females in particular) … I’m done.

If you don’t want to hear from a female in her 50’s … walk away.

If you think that she’s going to just tolerate bullshit … walk away.

And, if you think she’s going to beg you for her place at the table …. think again.

She built her own table. She built her own thrown and she’s not afraid to sit alone.


She’s also the first to be authentically compassionate. She’s also the first to stand up for someone else. She’s also the first to walk away, knowing who she is and knowing she has nothing to prove to you or anyone else.

Now, off to pursue truth, justice and the American dream … which has nothing to do with the shit show currently being talked about on social media. #societyandculture are a train wreck right now. Off the rails.

THERE IS GOOD NEWS in our field. There are millions of us working hard at righting society’s fuckery.

#thriving means finding meaning, but more than that, it means #applyingscience to being a good human.

Be a good human.

Not a bot on the internet.

If you can’t respond w/out a lazy google search copy/paste … then just don’t respond.

Confident people don’t NEED your commentary, likes or to win a popularity contest.


Want to be a rock star in applying the science of positive psychology … then take action and DO something to contribute a positive to the world. Otherwise, you’re a shadow that plagues the field with problems.



OH …. and get out there and adopt a magical being of light that are currently sitting in an overpopulated shelter …. waiting for someone to help them find their light.

Oliver as a baby

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