That’s what they say ~ but what does it mean?

It is a very brave act indeed, to be yourself in a world filled with critics

Social media has grown up with reality tv and it acts like it. Social media is a teenager.

“Be you” doesn’t mean go out and intentionally harm others.

Or be like that despicable blue dress woman (those who know, know).

It doesn’t mean harm others for sport, and yet, it also doesn’t mean, willfully ignore that there is a world of hurt out there who doesn’t want the advice,

“just be happy”


There is a darkness there.

Then again, even my own tag line on this page, “In the darkness, the stars shine brighter” … we can see the light through the dark. This is true.

Something else to consider though …

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We put stars under a microscope to see their every particle. Well, telescope, but tit for tat. Who could stand that sort of attention to detail?

Metaphors aside …

The kind, gentle loving people will have a hard time with it.

The narcissistic sociopaths will soak it up.

Maybe … just maybe …

Truly happy people are those who can weather the storms, but I weathered storms while completely miserable. You’re not happy until the storm is over. You don’t face off a storm by being happy unless you have no emotional attachment to yourself.

The tricky part is to remember that all storms end … you just have to hang on until they do.

You pull the correct emotion out of your human experience in order to survive the storm.

The body kept score too. There are scars in the stars my friends. Ironically, the very people who tell you to think happy thoughts are those who disappear when things get really rough. They don’t have the armor built by scars and stardust particles that sting your skin as you heal.

All happiness …. flew right out the window. I had to rebuild it from the star particles of my own soul.

Could it be that truly happy people simply do not care about the well being of others at all? They simply want others to be just like them? Is it an egocentric experience?

Both are true. Depending on circumstance and culture.

Cultural diversity is always left out of those conversations … I can’t pretend I don’t know why? We all know why? Especially those of us here in the USA. We seem to be in a war of words about almost everything. Always have been. Probably always will.

There is no use in social media dialog with an army of cyber bullies determined to think what they think.

In the world of psychology and teaching, the BEST helpers and guides are those who have been through something.

If all you want are butterflies and rainbows, then you also have to acknowledge that rainbows show up in the middle of storms while butterflies fly drunk on rotten flower nectar.

There is always a dark side to every illumination.

Be sure you know which side you are on. Then, adjust accordingly. Oscar Wilde did adjust to the world, but the other part of that story was … he was also treated very badly by the world when he lived.

Saying such things was a coping mechanism to deal with the abhorrent cruelty of the human race.

The world has yet to adjust.

May your day be filled with quiet quitting and forest bathing.

The stars are actually ancient planets doing battle for survival. It’s silent to us, but to them, they are a tempest. Knowing both the fantasy and reality doesn’t take away from their magical effect on our wishful thinking.

Hope ~ floats.

Here’s to seeing all sides to your day, appreciating both dark and light.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“it’s a very brave act indeed, to be yourself in a world full of critics”

Karen Henry for The House of Henry Healing

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  1. “The kind, gentle loving people will have a hard time with it.

    The narcissistic sociopaths will soak it up.”

    I like how raised these points. 👆🏼 What a relatable post for me. It’s a complicated world but knowing someone echoes your thoughts like this helps.


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