Digital Nomads … Get Lost, to be found.

Get lost. Put away your smart phone. Ignore the chatter. Listen to the silence.

Savor the sound of the world around you. Whatever that may sound like, it is always there beneath the roar of the internet.

Our internet connection is important, but so is listening to our soul’s voice. Once you travel, there is no real going back.

We all know people with strong opinions about the world at large, who have never left their own state. Or, country. Sometimes, even town. It’s increasingly rare to meet such a person. Some people have lived generationally under the same safety net of growing up in, then marrying, then settling down in the same small town.

Their world knowledge stems from going on vacation, or a semester at sea.

In remote areas of the world, the world is unknown to them in the nuances, and yet, we are all human, living a human experience.


How did we drift so far from each other, in this digital age, that we are always arguing? Always putting each other down or socially comparing ourselves to other or the worst of them …. fan-girling all over people who don’t even know that we exist?


The fangirl phenomenon is an attempt to be noticed for networking. It’s not a bad thing to share a common like for a celebrity figure. In today’s world, it’s the norm. As long as you don’t lose yourself to their personality.

The arguing? We need to be heard but live primarily in our own head.

The one-up, put-down, and other assorted comment section antics are our way of saying, ‘I am part of the world’ but ends up going nowhere.

As for travel ~ that is a financial privilege denied to many.

Until you’ve regained your focus to include it as a necessity. Want to travel the world? I’ll provide a link to a digital nomad that gives really great tips and advice on how to do it. She’s part of a bigger network of people. I found her link on YouTube, but she is across all social media.

The gift of the internet includes people like her.

Learn from others. Listen to how they succeeded and how they failed.
Both are valuable life lessons.

Karen Henry @henryhealingdotcom

The curse of the internet is everyone’s ability to be ‘anonymous’. Nobody should be allowed to be anonymous. It’s entirely too shady and deceitful. Not a fan.

The one thing I know from traveling a lot?

I know that the world is a very different place just a few hours away from where you live.

I am currently almost a 1,000 miles from where I was. I have to cross through multiple cultures to get back to visit. Last summer, I traveled almost 5,000 miles. I paid attention to the nuances but didn’t forget the bigger life hacks along the way.

My guess is, based on what I know from journeying to 4 countries and 50 states [USA], that the same is true for everyone in the world.

No matter where you are from, there are going to be striking differences in the world you live in from the one I live in.

Even if we share a common language. Or, clothing. Or housing, or schooling or medical care.

It’s all the other stuff that is vastly different.

Little things we don’t even think about, like how we take our coffee, or the customs of sitting in a restaurant. What we pay attention to, or who we think is important to us.

For example, some people think the head of the country is the MOST important person in your land. Others believe that the eldest person in that land is the most filled with living wisdom and history. Other still … believe that the plight of the weakest link is the proof of the sustainability of the land itself.

Who do you honor?

What do you value?

How do you see yourself in your world?

Do you contribute? How?

Where do you want to be in five years from now? DO you want to be in five years from now? If not, then, do you also need help? Can you call for help? Who will come to help you right now, in this moment? Can you name five people who would show up for you?

These are the questions to ask .. the important ones.

When you have traveled outside your comfort zone, you get to know yourself. Until then, you only know yourself from the way others tell you who you are.

Be alone.

Go on trips alone.

Travel alone.

Be alone. Go on trips alone. Travel alone. Spend entire days, weeks and months by yourself. Learn who you are, as you are. That is how you find yourself.

Karen Henry for @henryhealingdotcom

For women and young people … this is the MOST important part of your isolated travel. LEARN HOW TO FIGHT. Don’t leave until you can kick someone’s ass. Don’t be afraid to learn how to defend yourself. Be prepared. Don’t travel until you are well prepared in the art of protecting yourself, mind, body and wallet.

Here’s to your discovery of your authentic self.


What are you waiting for? The world wants to hear your story!

Oh … since I do believe in the power of paying compliments and fangirling women who’ve broken the code of constrained life … here’s the Badass Digital Nomad I was talking about. I don’t know her, I just like what she has to say about digital nomad life.

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