Hello to Whomever Reads This Page

Since 2006, I have worked slowly (very slowly) on a writing career while working more diligently on a career in the mental health/psychology business.

Henry Healing dot com is a ‘mothership’ or calling card of both. I’m a bit slow on the uptake about keeping up with the website too.

I decided that Happiness Noir needed a facelift. Not a pep talk. Not a dish the dirt or spill the tea about all the people I’ve come across. There’s no purpose in ranting or gossiping, or kvetching about anyone or anything, unless it has meaning and purpose.


I asked myself these 5 things in moving forward:

  1. Does this serve a greater good in life?
  2. Who can this page help?
  3. Would Shondaland turn this into a TV show or series? (Because, let’s face it. Nobody would tell Shonda not to write about something.)
  4. Does this bring me joy (Marie Kondo style)
  5. Is this how I want to spend my waking hours? This writing on writing gig.

I’ve put up and taken down Fiverr’s a few times. They don’t feel good, so I stopped. I think Fiverr had it’s time a couple years ago. Same with UpWork. It’s mass produced. We can read some of the results of, “no experience necessary” in a multitude of places. You get what you pay for. I don’t want to be part of that.

I did have a writing gig with someone who negotiated a price, but when I followed the policy of sending out the invoice, as requested, followed 10 days later by a 2nd invoice (they forgot to pay me and hey, it happens), I felt terrible. A business woman wouldn’t feel bad about asking for money for the work that was completed. She would expect her money.


I suspend that work indefinitely too.

I am still aligned with very successful published authors ~ people I’ve known since 2006, but while they focused on their writing careers, I leaned toward people who knew nothing about writing, or the joy of writing fiction.

Why would we take advice or criticism from someone who never wrote a book, while ignoring those who were NYTimes best sellers? My self doubt made no sense.

I leaned into the field of psychology which is as peppered with imperfection as the tourism industry was. I was in both.

Every industry is peppered with flaws and imperfections. Each if filled with people who NEED to be famous, and people who are immoral. I traced the roots of my frustration with them back to much earlier days. Now that that analysis is clarified, I had another decision to make.

I think many writers go through a self awareness journey before landing on this one question:

Am I a writer or am I not a writer.

It’s one or the other.

That single decision is the whole show. Do it or don’t do it. Decide. Now. In this moment, you know. It’s not a back or forth.

When you wake up in the morning, do you want to write?

When you go about your day, are you thinking about your life experiences (essays, memoirs, etc.) or the lives of the characters you’re creating in your head?

Pick one.

Lean on that.

The NaNoWriMo works when you have a lot of people to connect with to cheer you on, then, you ‘win’. I’ve seen people brag about ‘winning’ with the most followers, the most friends, and the most …. like it’s a competition.

IMO ~ it’s not that.

I have zero interest in that for myself.

I want to push myself to finish the 50K words in a 1st draft of the novel. Ideally, the goal is to make it ready for a January 1 publishing. So far, I’ve finished it 3 times but then, never went back to revisions.

I’ve published 5 books, but had a terrible 1st experience with a turd of a writing partner who sucked the air out of the room. Talk about trauma!

Just because one experience was awful, and two were hard life lessons, and a third didn’t feel right, does NOT mean to just give up.

The ONLY people who will tell you to give up are people who are not your people.

When we don’t have support, fly solo.

Today, I’m officially changing this page to be focused on being here for all the digital nomads, writers and creatives who need a safe place to land.

Including my own writing journey as I sit here hitting the refresh button.

I’ve had to rewrite a whole bunch of times. Many of us do.

So, here we are. Day 3 of the NaNoWriMo 2022.

My story, Loner Writer (get it … Lone Rider, can you hear the theme song now) … takes place in Cape May NJ.

Put together your Pinterest images of characters.

Don’t be afraid of your bad guys (inspired by real people but change the names).

Kill your darlings … if it’s that sort of book.

Laugh. A lot.

Plot or Pantster … whatever floats your boat.

And … as so many of the greats have said …. put your butt in the chair and WRITE.

Keep going. You’ve got this. You’re doing great!

Now …. do it while also working on what else will I chop from life that didn’t work, or add that is part of tomorrow’s world, not yesterday’s news?




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