I Meme It …

Remember this ~ if you share your experience with someone ~ try to explain who or why you are you ~ they don’t get to tell you how to feel about that experience.

We have a LOT of meme’s out there *and* experts (which imo, is almost criminal) telling people that they “should” or, “exaggerating” or, “imagining” or, “well, if you think this positive thought you’ll be …”

Don’t let the meme makers tell you how to live.

Cultivate, curate, and create YOUR life, your way.

No seriously …. meme it if you feel it

Then get back to working on your art, your project, your writing, your life.

Day 7 of the NaNoWriMo ~ Inspiring strangers on the internet because that might as well happen.

My YouTube inspiration for getting out there today …

I think she is perfect … her voice proves she’s an angel. IMO




NaNoWriMo2022 @LonerWriter

By the way … I axed Twitter …. nothing good ever happened there. I didn’t like the energy or the unnecessary drama juju

p.s… yes. I know. I need to edit more often. Perhaps that’ll go on my to-be list in 2023.

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