What would Aaron Sorkin Say?

I’m restructuring where I focus on social media platforms. I dumped Tumblr and Twitter. I added on Linktr.ee (not sure I’ll keep it yet)

I’m also living in the balance of where I’m going to spend my time.

Am I a writer? Or, am I still in the psychology business? Or, should I say, psychology politics?

How big do I want to go with this?

Who do you admire most?

The midlevel, small, simple life of a person who works 9-5, which pays your mortgage and braces for your kid? Or, a writer who lives in the global community of a digital nomad with the possibilities as endless as our vast universe?

Can we be both? Can we do both?

So far … I’ve tried and it hasn’t exactly been transferable?

The people who are most successful (that I’ve seen) have been focused on one and only one thing. AFTER they are famous, securely networked up and wealthy enough to not think about money, then, they go on to explore other things.

What happens when you work your tail off for a company, then, abruptly get axed because the billionaire owners need to hold on to their wealth more than their people?

What sort of human being are they?

They justify treating humans as collateral damage, but what about the people.

I can’t get the image of the 8-month pregnant woman with the 9-month old baby who was laid off from Twitter last week.

I humanize all of them. As a person who survived life for a while, and as a well-being personal development coach/writer, I think about the individuals as human beings. I don’t think in terms of emotionless executive decision making. I never will. I couldn’t if I tried.

I own that.

I’m feeling a lot of empathy for all the people who were let go from Facebook and Twitter this week.

As a writer, I want to write their stories. Erin Brockovich style. Aaron Sorkin style. Shonda Rhimes style.

As a human being who knows how scary it can be without a solid financial foot, I want to give them all hugs and say, ‘it’ll be okay’.

For most, it probably will be. For some, it won’t.

Anywho … checking in. It’s day 9 of the NaNoWriMo and my characters are facing some similar things.

Our world of work identity is such a significant part of who we are.

Have you ever been betrayed by a job? A workplace? A company culture? A team?

It has an impact on your psychological and emotional well-being. It really does pack a wallop. Especially when it blind sides you.

Write about the pain. Stay grounded in the personalization of the micro and the macro.

Anywho …. see y’all tomorrow


OH … writers … IF you have multiple projects in the works and want a single place for your links … in a tree … here’s one I found on TikTok (such a handy place to learn stuff). 🙂

I have more writing projects but here it is.


I wrote about it on Linkedin ~ where I occasionally spend some time.


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