I’m Tired

Tired of hustle culture.

Tired of the ghosts of cruel people with insidious intensions.

Tired of playing wack-a-mole with deleting or blocking.

Tired of social media that feels like empty calories.

Tired of vapid social constraints that tell us what we’re “supposed to” do, be, say, look like or feel.

Tired of allowing just anyone to follow us, even if they bring their bad energy or bad cynical statements with them.

Tired of being cookie cutter stereotyped into what others assume, rather than who we really are.

Tired of losing precious hours of life to blind scrolling for some sense of connection.

Tired of years of holding onto this idea that if we study hard enough, write long enough, or squeeze our professional lives into the corset of social approval, we will somehow feel validated for all the hard work.

Tired of showing up in places filled with rampant egos who were never trained or taught how to be in spaces with others who were different from them.

Tired of pushing all the joy to the bottom so that the busy, overworked, constant drum of crisis could be on the front burner all the time.

Tired of putting out little fires everywhere.

Tired of thinking in terms of quantity instead of quality.

Tired of buying in to this notion that if we don’t say the right thing, or do the right thing, or be the right thing in a very public way, we somehow deserve less.

Tired of not listening to my intuitive internal dialog whose been trying to get through the thick of “should” language.

Tired of this childish notion that we have to follow whatever trend is on social media, just because millions of others are following it.

Tired of this childish notion that we have to buy in to our highly visible academics or celebrity ‘experts’ just because they know how to climb the corporate pop-culture ladder better than others.

Tired of trying to fit this unique human meat suit into the idea standard that everyone else decided is acceptable or desirable in this particular generation.

Tired of hearing hundreds of writers saying, write what’s on trend, like it’s a factory setting, popping out mass produced reading, while paying less effort on quality good writing.

Tired of motivational speakers or mega church preachers all saying the same damn thing while living completely out of touch lives.

Are you tired?

When you write, do you get lost in your own original thoughts, only to wake up to this pace of impractical on-demand rush toward nowhere in particular?

This is a slice of an episode from #RoadTripToNoWhere ~ a book of essays about joining the slow-down and savor movement.

We can’t change how we have chosen to live in our lives in the past. And yet, we can begin at any given moment to live a more directed, focused, purposeful life.

One moment in time could lead to an entire novel.

We only have a finite number of moments. Don’t waste them.


KH @ henry healing.com

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