When You Think About the Psychology of Your ‘Positive’

Writers know that there are both heroes and villains. The conflict and balance makes or breaks the story.

If everyone is nice, the story will be boring. If everyone is evil, the story has no purpose. Some people like mindless ‘nice’ or brain dead ‘awful’. Both, in a weird way, make somebody happy.

That’s been the focus of this blog for a while now. ‘happiness’.

A thing I studied for a very long time. A thing that didn’t go my way for a very long time. Was the universe telling me something? Critics of the mystical connections of human physics would call it hogwash. Those entrenched in the power of believing would say, absolutely.

“Positivity” is not “positive psychology”. Positive psychology also acknowledges and studies the whole of human health, not just the good stuff that happens to us. Positivity has poisoned that pool to make people think that if they aren’t ALWAYS positive, there must be something wrong with how they’re doing it.

The spiritual bypassing

The gaslighting

The toxic positivity

Are three things making people feel worse about their lives.

Telling someone who or what they are supposed to believe in, is dangerous cult like behavior.

People have to decide for themselves by being critical thinkers with a heightened sense of an existential awareness of our whole life, from ancestor connection to future thinking connections.

Our belief system is part of our whole system. It’s not the only part.

With that said, and more time on writing the novel, less time on the study of the human condition … some things to consider ~ when writing or studying the psychology of the human experience …

When I read someone’s work that includes the darkest of characters who have as much complexity and depth as the hero/shero journey … I know that the writer gets it. They pay attention to all of it.

Back to the NaNoWriMo …. I have around 20K words of a raw 1st draft right now.

Back to work. Time to write a villain. And honestly …. I’ve met some real life villains. Bad ones. Devious, malignant, evil ones. So have you. You may not know it.

Karen Marie Morning wrote the best villains I’ve read in a while, but unless you read in the romance genre or the urban fantasy [paranormal?] sub-genre, you would have missed her books.

She wrote (and this is true of both real life people and fictional characters)

That’s it.

In psychology, or writeology ~ both are the same. There is suffering and there is pleasure. Things don’t always go our way. Sometimes, the world pushes us until we are forced to change.

Off to write an episode for the Kindle Vella #RoadTripToNoWhere by Elizabeth Henry

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