New Monday ~ Keep Writing

There will be people who will do everything in their power to stop you from pursing your dreams.

A whole lot of people will be one of three things. Extra positive, who ignore all negatives. Extra negative who ignore all positives.

The third is the best kind. They will be the ones who aren’t afraid of the positives or negatives. They live in the balance of realism.

They will accept both as truths. They will be unapologetically themselves. These people are very dangerous to the others. They accept what is, but they don’t judge others for their limitations.

It is what it is ~ freedom to be be.

There will be people who don’t want to be around the balanced few in your life. That’s okay.

The overly positive and overly negative will slow you down.

They will also throw sticks and stones at your progress. You will have to get used to the slings and arrows of their discontent. They won’t stop.

But, when you win, they will no longer be in any part of the new world you will elevate into.

Delete people, places and things that try to bring you down. Block anyone who tries to hold you to any part of your past that hurt you.

They were toxic then, and they are toxic still.

If you are trying to start again ~ in life or in writing ~ then do it. Fuck those people who tell you that you can’t.

Stay true to yourself.

Focus on what you want for your life, then be that. Block and delete everything that doesn’t align with it.

If you have your own mental battles going on, then work on those. Sort them out. Pay full attention to them. If you have the ghosts of boyfriends past trying to haunt you, they want you to be miserable. But, you are leveling up, so ignore them, or better yet …

Expose them for the train wreck that they were. Then, move on.

One of my favorite characters written for a screen play was played by Charlize Theron. The movie was The Old Guard. She played a modern day hero from an ancient time. Though her job was continuously bloody and violent, her internal struggle to hold on to some semblance of being human was in constant conflict with her desire to die after thousands of years of living.

That internal struggle was as interesting as her understanding that she was to protect the new immortal. Her compassion in helping that younger woman to survive made her millennia of battle sufferable. Sort of. The characters were written, then acted out as deeply troubled humans was perfect. Part two is coming out (on Netflix?) so I’m excited to see where they take it. For a while, they weren’t sure, due to the pandemic.

The moral of the immortal trope?

Do not give up

Focus on what matters

Slay your enemies before they slay you (metaphorically speaking)

You will have enemies ~ they are always part of every story

Eliminate everything that isn’t part of your purpose

Know what your purpose is

Fuck Mondays as the beginning of the work week. That’s a corporate condition created to manage and monitor our lives. It’s a learned behavior, not a way of life. Not a life that everyone lives. Just ask the night nurses who work 7 pm to 7 am, 3 days a week on rotating every other weekends. And anyone who works in the service industries.

Break from the mindset that you are just like everyone else. Only everyone else assumes that. Why? Because they’ve never dared to be different.

You are not the culmination of someone Corporate mindset meant to push you into the crowd.

Not if you’re a writer.

You probably woke up at 3 am, worked for an hour or two, then woke up again at 7, to sit down in conversation with your characters (or cats) before pounding out a days work in 3 hours.

Be you. The world will never fully adjust to the things they don’t understand.

Ask yourself …. “what if …”

However you finish that statement is the thing most pressing in your mind.

Fill in the blanks quickly. Then roll with it.



Here’s to you delving into that creativity pond you call a writing career ~ if you’re writing, you are a writer. If you made $43.56 for 4 episodes of a Vella or a novel or an article, you are a writer. If you made nothing, but you produced two novels that you put out on Amazon or B&N or a blog … YOU are a writer.

Don’t let the tamed ones tell you how to live.

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