Heritage ~ History Lessons

“You think I’m traveling with hope. No. I don’t have fear. You know why? Because I’m dead already.”

~ Cornelia Locke, The English

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Some people are on a quest because they are filled with sunshine and joy. They see the world through rose colored glasses because they only see the good in the world.

Others journey through life with reined optimism because they know the formula for being perceived as positive. They’ve seen the harder, darker part of life, but they know that people only want to hear the good stuff. So? They pretend it’s all good.

There are profiteers who see the financial advantage of being overly positive. Some will be genuinely upbeat and positive all the time. Some others ~ are lying to you.

Grifters always appear super sunny and happy when the spotlight is on.

Then, there are those who live with one foot firmly planted in both the dark and the light, knowing that each exists. They stare pain and anguish down the way they don’t look away from the sunshine, but know better than to stare at the sun.

We can’t look away from our history or we will be destined to repeat it.

The English is a series on Amazon Prime that reminds us how brutally savage the origin story of our country is.

Watching the news in live time as the brave women, children and protesters are in Iran is gut wrenching. That country would rather kill them, then let them have a voice in their own country.

A politician in our own country is trying to rewrite history right here in the states, so that future generations won’t feel bad about the ugly truth of slavery, Native American genocide, and all the other corruption that we were founded on.

Some of the biggest names in the optimism/positive business are actually straight up manipulative greedy asshats. But, like the lessons we’ve learned through history, we have to just not care about what they do or who they do it to. There are people who are much, much worse.

In the psychology world, there is just as much elitism, nepotism and competitiveness as any other field. One would think that once we figure it all out, we’ll be able to help others to heal. That is not the case. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Pick your battle” ~ said anyone who survived something you know nothing about.

Dan Brown just shared a great meme, reminding writers what life is all about. And when we write about this time in history, let’s not look away from all of history.

The billionaire tech giants are un-employing thousands and thousands of people while they continue to profit. A cultural rift is growing.

A class war is brewing right before our eyes. A war against women is also happening. Eight billion people are either going to destroy ourselves, or save ourselves.

We must not look away.

Or deny its existence. That’s why I’m grateful for people who continue to write books, and make media that reflects the truth of the ugly side of history as much as the hope and optimism.

Look at both sides. See the villains for who they are. Remember the greed. Tell the tales of happily ever after, but don’t take people there until you’ve also seen the the darkness they had to venture through.

As far as writing goes … keep the history of your world in it. All of it. Including the uncomfortable truth.

And when you write female characters, remember just how tough women have had to be since the dawn of time.

If we are upset about something but we can’t do anything about it, we can write it into the history books.

But I have a question.

Will our digital imprints make it into the history books or will they be a fleeting moment, long forgotten in generations to come.

What is our intention? What is our purpose for writing, if it has no meaning or memory attached?

We have to decide which side of history we stand on.

And, we have to decide if our impact is to merely exist or to stand for something.

Lot’s of questions ~ fewer answers.

Chapters are written, one at a time.

To Cornelia and all who are on a real life journey. Keep writing. Keep moving forward. Keep taking one step at a time into reality AS IS ~ then change whatever you decide not to accept. Adapt to whatever you can.


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