Newsletters ~ Responding to a Comment

Short answer ~ no. I don’t like newsletters. Unless they are short ~ sweet ~ to the point ~ bullet points and option to dip out without having to explain why I don’t want to follow them anymore.

I end up blocking them more than not if they say, “but why don’t you want to follow us” and even quicker when they say, “but wait … would you like a free xyzzy instead of going?” … NO!

Let me go. Give me peace. I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone.

I had to create a junk drawer email just to handle them.

Social media is drowning us in too much chatter. This time of year is the WORST for sales pitches and garbage we don’t need.

I spend my life online to the point where I’m actually considering leaving ALL social media for a solid year.

To remind myself of how liberating it was to live in the world before the internet.

It has its upside but it also has a down side.

“Newsletters are essential” is part of the marketing mindset. I don’t have time. I suppose I might one day.

I don’t mind sharing my story, but unless I can bring some laughter into your lives, then what sort of ego centric blah blah blah would I be.

I have books to sell, but not at the sacrifice of also disturbing your peace. Buy them or not. That’s your business. It would be nice to make money, but it’s also nice to sit in silence.

I find copious amounts of info. in my digital travels. If I can offer up some of that by disseminating it, I will.

If I sat back to think harder about something, I’ll share that too.

IF you write heart felt journeys into your story and blog about all things personal, then that’s awesome. Be you. The world will adjust.

One of my favorite all time blogs is by Jenn Mann. It’s called People I Want to Punch In the Face. She is hilarious and smart. It’s an honest look into the life of a city Mom who moved to a rural area. I love those.

I just posted a YouTube w/my pic instead of my cats. There were over 2K views. That’s more people than lived in my ex-home town.

A town I broke up with because it was obnoxiously abusive and dysfunctional. The citizens trauma-bonded me to believing that I didn’t have any right to talk about my lived experiences there. Multi-generational tiny towns are very toxic if you’re not part of the ‘in’ crowd.

It was a serious, “or else” situation.

That story is in the can. All of it. They don’t like that. One time, a woman scorned in the 1950’s wrote a tell-all. The matriarch millionaire had every single copy banned and destroyed but not before copies made their way to Amazon. They STILL talk about that book as the scandal of the century ’cause the author (also blackballed and banned) dared to speak of her lived experiences.

Talk about a Stephen King level Under the Dome!

<a href="http://<a href="; target="_blank"><img border="0" src="//" ></a>""***I just listed the digital book on my website under “Favorite Things” because really …. who even cares anymore. It was literally 70 years ago! They need to move on ***


Today? One very clever fella wanted to create TikTok’s about his side gig but needed to work in the one and only hospital in a 7-country region of this rural Paton’s Place. He was funny. The TikTok’s were quirky and it all was under a pen name.

The ‘big gate keepers’ (which they call themselves proudly) found out and told him if he didn’t take it down, they would fire him.

FIRE HIM for talking about gardening or something.

The fucking audacity of those people is unbelievable. Not much has changed since the 1960’s.

I’m so glad that another person from that same tiny village has over 3 MILLION followers and living his best life. I LOVE that for him. He is out and proud and saving lives by talking about angel shots. I won’t share his info. here … but he’s out there.

They fuck with people’s lives, then tell the victims that they are not allowed to talk about it.

In the mean time, there is a LOT there that would make a fantastic novel to big screen Shondalnad level epic series.


Not me. Thanks but no. Like the newsletters ~ if it isn’t here on this page ~ or on my … it’s not out there.

I would rather focus on big ideas, and world problem solving. Their insidious petty gossip is WHY I am more interested in the psychology of global issues.

What does this have to do with newsletters?

Money + Power + Nepotism corrupts absolutely. We already have too much social media and input. MINE is on my

Some of us would rather live a simple life.

But damn … we have good stories. Just, no time for writing newsletters.

Until you hire a social media manager. Let them write your newsletters.

Hire one on Fiverr.

Even if THIS is now our business … this writing gig/digital nomad life … I 100% guarantee that some of those malignant narcissists still cyber stalk you to gate keep what we write about. I don’t write 2nd hand stories about people I don’t care about. We’ll leave that up to the new writers who are telling the same story.

Socioeconomic nepotism and domestic violence gone mad with the need to cover up their dirty deeds.

Not my business. Not my problem. Not my focal point.

Instead, I share expert help and talk about my cats and dog. The gardener TikTokker? He kept his carefully managed day job. Digital dreams? Crushed by people with no business in his business.

But no newsletters. Consider this my newsletter.

I created a instead. I don’t think WordPress has a widget for that. I’m still proud of myself that I learned what widgets are. LOL

Also ~ follow. Don’t follow. It’s not my business to tell anyone what to do.

BUT …. if anyone ever wants to be my reverse ghost (I’ll be the ghost writer, and you be the face of the novel so they never know it was me)… THAT is something I’m open to. 🙂 LOL

There are 5 rules I learned in surviving 30 years in a psychological socioeconomic prison full of mean girls and narcissism:

  1. We don’t talk about fight club
  2. We don’t talk about fight club
  3. We have to have a LOT of money, influence, safety-friends and popularity in the public eye before writing our tell-all.
  4. So if you are writing your tell all … FYI, Memoirs are going to be the BIG thing in 2023 ~ protect yourself with a big name publisher and a LOT of writer friends who will help you to promote it.
  5. Do NOT mess with a mafia. Respect them, and step away. Have we learned nothing from The Godfather (besides, go to the mattresses)? 😉 Or Stephen King? Or Margaret Atwood? Or Shonda Rhimes? Or Aaron Sorkin? Find writers you love, then follow them, learn from them.

Now, if YOU have a newsletter that you want me to follow, like, or share and I like it … I’d be happy to share.

Write everything down.

Take notes

Turn it into a novel

I’m UN-branding. Simplicity and healing are all I’m focused on. Or, as Byron Katie said, “Stay in your own business. Not other people’s business and not God’s business” ~

I won’t be grateful for sacrificing three decades to awful people. I did learn a painful lesson though.

It’s how I learned NOT to be a chump, a mark, a sucker, or a patsy. All great words to use in a novel, which I’m now going back to.

My NaNoWriMo2022 has 40K words. I’m happy to finish the 1st draft. It is NOT about any of them. It’s about ghosts, spirits and the possibility of things we do not understand.

I understand that newsletters, like attention span blogs about bits and pieces of life … are not for everyone.


Writer | Cat Wrangler | Mental Health Advocate | Digital Nomad on a #RoadTripToNoWhere

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