Dr. Who Day

November 23 is Dr. Who Day.

Confession time.

I know the Tardis. Understand the transformation process. Get that there have been many generations of the Doctor.

And yet …

I’ve never seen a single episode of Dr. Who.


Not a single one.

BUT ~ that doesn’t mean I can’t wish you all a happy Dr. Who Day

Life is like that sometimes.

We can be sad but also happy

We can be worried, but also confident.

We can be happy while also sad

We can feel rage toward all the violence in our world, while hopeful that something’s gonna give.

We can feel excitement about the new Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrel movie while not celebrating Christmas.

We can say Happy Christmas while not being Christian. We can wish others Happy Holidays while not believing in any of them.

We can recognize that today, the day before other people’s thanksgiving is NOT a day to go to the grocery store!

Instead, it’s a low key pizza and beer day. No football.

Just writing, grant funding and spending time doing what we do love.

We can grieve the horrors of our 1600’s take over of a land that didn’t belong to us while also realizing that now that we know the truth of our country’s true story, we can make tomorrow better moving forward.

Gratitude? IF you want to feel it. When you’re ready to feel it.

The beauty of being human is we can live in the present moment by being true to our culture as a whole.

A melting pot?

That’s what I was taught.

More of a forced pot of gold that seems to be rapidly leaving a whole lot of people in the fire.

I have 50+ years to catch up on … :/

OR, I’ll just intentionally NEVER see any of them and wish you all a very HAPPY Dr. Who day! 1963-2022

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