Simple Life

We went into the grocery store yesterday to pick up some stuff … as one does on Thanksgiving when they don’t do thanksgiving in any particular ‘traditional’ way.

The prices were literally double or at least a 80% mark up from 6 months ago and boxes of the things we usually buy, were smaller.

We are being price gouged my friends.

Big box stores are charging more, but saying they are charging less as if somehow, the last two years took our brain power away.

Corporate giants who are all making money, hand over fist, are saying they have to tighten their belts.

Synthetic human illusions on social media are ALL selling the exact same stuff!

Coaches, motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and many “helping” professionals are all quoting 100-1000 year old artist/writers on memes, then, putting them into easy to print on demand books, using FREE places like Canva to create them in less than a few hours, and voila!

They are now saying, “I wrote a book!”

While others are selling their courses on how to “write a low content book” boasting that they can teach you how to make $39,000 a month selling nothing.

BIG sales …


think about this ~ simplicity is a love language.

Shop small

Support local artists

Buy tokens of your affection for someone

Be meaningful in your purchases

Live within your means

Stay clear that you want your friends to do the same

To live within their means

If the people in your life NEED big, over the top, beyond measure gestures in order to “prove” or “test” your loyalty to them, they are most likely NOT the people you want in your corner.

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