The Journey

This page needs a make over ~ when I’m more inspired to do battle with the technology. Keeping my readers in the loop ~ this is messy, right? Yeah ~ I have piles of paper on my desk too. It is what it is. I’ll get to “cleaning my room” here in a while.

Who are we really? At first, we are who the world told us we were ~ then we wake up to realize, we are who we tell ourselves to be.


The real answer?

I’m a cultivator, curator and curiosity seeking former academic who survived a life before setting myself free of the cage of other people’s expectations.

Today I’m a writer | community psychology practitioner | author | artist | explorer | cat wrangling free range female who helps others free themselves of the burdens of self doubt.


K Aren has been in the Education and Psychology profession since 1999. We’ve weaved in the creative arts to celebrate our ReWrite

I LOVE this age ~ it feels free ~ it feels powerful ~ it feels magical ~ it means freedom to be.

I’m writing novels ~ painting ~ creating art ~ working toward loving the challenge of running my own business

My adventures began in the traveling business ~ followed by tourism ~ followed by career and mental health counseling, then into university teaching while raising my kids and working on a doctorate. Then life imploded into the worst case scenario.

While studying happiness for the PhD, I was miserable. Times changed. Space and time created new opportunities. Then, like all of us, covid happened.

Nothing woke us up to living the life we wanted to live, doing the job we want to do, like a pandemic that rocked the whole world.

Here we are ~ with an overpriced education that journeyed through a bachelor’s in mass media, a master’s in community psychology, an alliance with the positive psychology movement since 2007 and an advanced graduate cirtificate in mental health counseling + embracing my wild side desire to write = a perfect time to do what I love, how I do it, and share all that I’ve experienced over the course of my life time.

If I can help heal just one person ~ I’ll be psyched.

Here’s to celebrating life while sharing what I’ve learned and experienced over the past four decades.



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