Two memes and a ghost story

I may cuss from time to time, but I never use the middle finger … well, nearly as much as I’d like to when driving long distance. It’s not wise. Which is why when I saw this one, I was very entertained. I love the history of the thing. Forever more, I will now understandContinue reading “Two memes and a ghost story”

Yes, but … did you meme it? In Theory?

Carl Jung lived from 1875-1961. We still hang on his every word. Sort of. There is that little thing about psychology where we appreciate our foundational understanding of the human condition, but we don’t have to stay stuck in the theories of the past. Theory Our job is to question them, not become their cheerleaders.Continue reading “Yes, but … did you meme it? In Theory?”


Reclaim your life. Wake up and decide in that moment that you hold all the power. You are going to make the day the very best of your life. I know. Sounds corny in a motivational speaker smarmy sort of way … and yet, it is how you break those patterns of negative thinking. Don’tContinue reading “#Reclaim_Your_Life”

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Yesterday, I had a little panic attack. I looked up from eating in the car ~ bad food choices happen ~ but that’s another conversation. I stared into the eyes of a man sitting in a white HRR who was stopped at a stop sign. That stupid shaggy beard with his thinning man bun. ThatContinue reading “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Middle Aged Women Are Unpacking

On Tik Tok. On Twitter. On Facebook & Pinterest , Tumblr and even … on LinkedIn. See, we, the women born in the 50’s, 60’s and even into the 70’s are talking about our life experiences. Those of us who lived with and tolerated years of abuse, are talking. It’s scaring the shit out ofContinue reading “Middle Aged Women Are Unpacking”

Post Traumatic Meme Disorder

We read the memes and hear the non-expert experts toss out whimsical advice on how to live our lives in the pursuit of happiness. This past year, my coming of age was realized. It just came at a much older age than I had realized. Instead of trying to change the wind ~ I adjustedContinue reading “Post Traumatic Meme Disorder”

2020 ~ We could have come together. Why didn’t that happen?

This year has been a lot ~ for all of us. One thing I noticed is that people … have gotten meaner to each other ~ online and to a certain extent … in person (just ask the folks working those “essential worker” jobs … And before you gaslight me with, “you are the peopleContinue reading “2020 ~ We could have come together. Why didn’t that happen?”

Fantasy League Bachelor Nation ?

Take a shot every time you hear the word, “vulnerable”. I know! I know! Brene Brown made vulnerability a thing. She put it on the map. I’ve been a fan since her 1st Ted Talk (I’ll share it below if you can’t get it in your country). Vulnerability IS a strength. Being honest is aContinue reading “Fantasy League Bachelor Nation ?”

Women are writing

Kindness is being criticized in the media (saw a cartoon in the NYTimes) I am acutely consciously aware of how the past 7 years have radically changed my life. I died several times over. Nobody came to save me. I saved myself. I gave up everything that was holding me to a place, to people,Continue reading “Women are writing”

Opened Too Many Tabs

When you run a business flying solo ~ you are everything ~ right now, I have three tabs open ~ I’m trouble shooting a tech issue AND gaining a proper headache trying to follow the tech support folks who are trying to help me navigate. Add in my daily java ~ now my brain isContinue reading “Opened Too Many Tabs”

Boundaries ~ Thriving ~ Defining

This blog is my glass house. I’m sharing what I’ve acquired along the way on my journey through this life span but I have boundaries. We all need boundaries. For me ~ it’s personal but it’s also a professional lens on how I got to a writing life as a full time career. **The workContinue reading “Boundaries ~ Thriving ~ Defining”

Words are never about the words

We don’t cuss or use words to “shock” someone. We use words to describe our lens on the world. When I started this blog (on September 25th to be exact) ~ I kvetched about yet another white, male faculty member who let’s his cuss words fly at will who was being gross with his students.Continue reading “Words are never about the words”

Shameless + Positive Psychology? What would Frank Gallagher say?

My father’s father. He was Frank Gallagher, just not as charming and not as nice. Pop was a raging mean-as-spit alcoholic. God only knows how his children survived. They were one in the same though. Frank, I think, was the better man. Frank knew how to love. Pop? Not so much. If you haven’t seenContinue reading “Shameless + Positive Psychology? What would Frank Gallagher say?”

Gig ~ the people’s choice

Do you know that saying, “the heart wants what the heart wants” ? What about, “if your heart’s not in it, don’t do it”? Then there’s the, “Run madly, truly, quickly to your passion and your dreams”. All of those things are easy for the affluent and the well connected. The people who side hustleContinue reading “Gig ~ the people’s choice”

Is “happy” a magic word?

**This is an excerpt from my book, TBA … I will brag about it soon enough** I studied happiness (subjective well-being) in a doctoral dissertation for a HOT minute … [years]. I also taught it for longer than that. Scientifically speaking. I also used it as a construct in delivering services in both my coachingContinue reading “Is “happy” a magic word?”

Let’s Talk About Nate vs Ted

So I am going to write about Nate vs Ted on Ted Lasso ~ I’m obsessed. But first … you have to go see Ted Lasso … Apple TV. They deserved all the awards. Is this the Holiday series to replace ALL the Hallmark movies? Oh yeah … I’m going there. Lasso is the perfectContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Nate vs Ted”

Smart Women Curse

I love it when a super successful icon lets the expletives fly ~ and they are full on flags of freedom to say what they want to say without social pressure to curb their words or enthusiasm. I’m not shy to say that I’m a feminist … not a cliche’d version or an Uppity ~Continue reading “Smart Women Curse”