If you’re struggling ~ hit the pause button

If it triggers you ~ stop doing the thing If you feel overwhelmed or too out of sorts ~ stop doing what you’re doing If you can’t regulate your emotions ~ step back, sit down, just breathe We live in a world that demands and insists that we go, go, go, go, go ~ ourContinue reading “If you’re struggling ~ hit the pause button”

Debunking Meme Nonsense & False Profits

Meme art is not meant to be a code to live by, though I do love my Pinterest scrolls. I know that 99.98% of all meme quotes are part of a bigger picture. We don’t fall into them absolutely with a “Yeah … that’s true 100%” ~ at least I hope we don’t. Take thisContinue reading “Debunking Meme Nonsense & False Profits”

Best Day of Your Life ~ Pinterest Binging again

This is true ~ it’s also going to be a solo walk for a while, until you feel your footing again. Take your time. Go slow. It’s a good thing to be alone while the shadows take their time easing out of your brain. Embrace both the dark and lighter feelings while you transcend towardContinue reading “Best Day of Your Life ~ Pinterest Binging again”

In the light, there’s a little dark for parents

Reflection of my son’s 18th birthday today ~ Most of parenthood is a joyful, loving, happiness filled ride ~ most. Not all. Sometimes ~ parenthood is so easy. Sometimes, not so much. I’ve been at it for 30 years now. Sometimes w/a co-parent and sometimes not. My regret? I didn’t choose peace nearly enough. WeContinue reading “In the light, there’s a little dark for parents”