Eventually, after all is said and done ~ we are going to be left alone to decide for ourselves.

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This is the beginning of the journey

*I’m adding this clarifier. I don’t owe anyone anything but I do want to make sure that there is a distinction.*

This blog is for entertainment only. It’s not a replacement for therapy (Gawd, I hope not), counseling, magic potions, theory building, lecturing, or coaching. It’s not educational or informative beyond what you interpret it as… other than a lot comes out of my own three decades of seeing a few things I’d like to unsee; and know a few things I know that I know.

This work is dedicated to survivors and victims of trauma ~ self exploring their way back home. It is not a tattle-tale-tell-all about the positive psychology industry and I will never take any “sides” on the matter.

There are great people, and even greater research out there who are making a huge, powerful, healthy, happy impact on the world. The internet is drowning in all of that. But there is another side. The shadow side. We’re only now finding the courage to dare to speak about it out loud ~ it’s been a long time coming.

Dark humor is called for. I’m providing it. So is the shadow work of the industry… but ya know, it could just be karen kvetching … ’cause that will probably happen.

We can’t honestly study the light if we are afraid of the dark and we can’t stay stuck in the dark when there is so much light to be had.

The page is a journey toward healing holistically. I will include other people’s work and feature the stuff that I found along the way that helped me. If I don’t know it 1st hand, I’m not sharing it without a note saying so.

Clearly, there are people, places and things in the world I could dish the dirt on ~ or simply not like, but … their story is not mine to tell. I think about the collateral damage before writing anything.

Grad. school is usually only a few years. I did that for ten. 10 years. Three graduate degrees. I left academia, but it’s not all bad. I am impartial to the pros and cons. So hey, I didn’t start grad. school until I was 35. I’m 57 now. People have been telling me my entire life not to talk about my age.

Why the hell not? Do they think they are not aging? That’s a blessing denied to many. Ridiculous concepts made up by social rules that need to be broken need someone to go first. I’ll volunteer as tribute to that one.

Happiness Noir is a semi-autobiography and maybe a bit of a letter to my younger self but it (hopefully) drowning in satire w/a twist of snark. That’s my writing style. It’s how I roll. That is all.

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