Why I’m totally fine NOT finishing the NaNoWriMo in 30 days.

November felt like a month of Mondays …. like, ALL the monkeys got out of the barrel. It’s never been a good month, but is that a mindset? Checking it twice …. the most deaths in my family are around now (fall is when they fall) … my brother on the 21st back in 2007,Continue reading “Why I’m totally fine NOT finishing the NaNoWriMo in 30 days.”

Did you NaNoWriMo this year?

I didn’t finish, and have a long way to go, but I may still. My little Yoda looking micro Sasquatch of a dog was my writing companion. I get up from too long, realizing he wasn’t complaining to let him out. He didn’t stare me down, demanding psychically that I feed him. Again. Little dudeContinue reading “Did you NaNoWriMo this year?”

*Flash*Notice*Drama Mama …

If you are stalking or trolling another human being on the internet as a power trip (and I think someone just did that to another person who was reading my blog) …. what’s wrong with you? Get help. Trolling is popular, but it’s toxic popular, like all other mental illnesses or social deficits, it’s aContinue reading “*Flash*Notice*Drama Mama …”

Push out the Gratitude like it’s a 10-pound baby

That’s the way it feels sometimes. They try to tell us HOW or WHY or WHEN to be grateful. Then, they (the collective professional field of they’s)… shame or blame us if we are NOT guilty for not feeling gratitude all over the place. Gratitude is being spread around like bad mashed potatoes. A messageContinue reading “Push out the Gratitude like it’s a 10-pound baby”

Grief & Happiness?

I’m happy my little dude is no longer in pain. He passed away in my arms last night. His best cat friend stayed close to him for the past couple of days, and was hugging him all day yesterday. Right after he took his last breath, Piper (my cat) started to see the spirit ofContinue reading “Grief & Happiness?”

Full Moon’s shed light too

Last night’s full moon shed some light as it was shadowed in darkness for a while. The world went outside to watch it happen. Not all happiness is paved in gold sparkly rainbow dust. Some of it in internally quiet. Sitting there in your mind, chipped and bumpy. Full of memories both good and badContinue reading “Full Moon’s shed light too”

Rocco’s getting better!

So my dog is bouncing back. I have no idea how, since I was agonizing over taking him to the Vet last Monday … to help him die in peace. I’m glad I didn’t. Today, he looks like a little old drunk Popeye, … a little wobbly, can’t walk much, but he’s still here. ThisContinue reading “Rocco’s getting better!”

I’m on a Paws

Since we are jamming on the health of my still alive old dog AND finishing the novel in the NaNoWriMo …. I’m going to leave y’all here for a while. Flipping careers in the middle of a career is a surreal process. Everyone has an opinion about your life. Ignore them all. They aren’t livingContinue reading “I’m on a Paws”

“Ignore Everyone, Write your book”

Who was it that said, “Ignore everyone, write your book” first? Every motivational best selling author I’ve heard speak (and there are a lot of them) have repeated this time and time again. Redundant or important …. both are true. With social media, the need to interact with others on a daily basis seemed importantContinue reading ““Ignore Everyone, Write your book””

My dog is dying

Rocco. He’s been with me through hell and back a few times. Little man is a 16 year old chihuahua. My pets are my everything. My cat Charlie lived to 21. I’ve had tragic stories about others. Pets are collateral damage in divorce wars, as they are in every hard life story. Out pets areContinue reading “My dog is dying”

Women Writers #NaNoWriMo

There’s a girls club that goes with the NaNoWriMo mission. They gather together, have write-in’s and zoom calls. They get together for wine parties and cheer each other on. Me? Heart palpitations. This is the very thing I’ve never felt comfortable … ever. I’m not a joiner. Or a gatherer. I’m more that solo loneContinue reading “Women Writers #NaNoWriMo”

The business end of WordPress

WordPress seems to only be using a company called ‘Stripe’ for all transactions. I began the process to add a contribution/payment option, etc. as I do with my Wix site, that allows PayPal. Here’s the snag. They don’t acknowledge my bank. Also, after days of trying to contact a human being, and getting that electronicContinue reading “The business end of WordPress”

We are only data to them. Save your emotions. Reclaim your life.

Every time we comment, we are data for the analytics. Every time we feel our emotional tug to respond to some random post by a public page, we are generating hype for them, not us. So WHY, in an age of reclaiming our lives, are we turning toward the mass of media to offer ourContinue reading “We are only data to them. Save your emotions. Reclaim your life.”

Gaslighting ~ set it on fire.

#MeToo and #MeTooPhD are both movements that were intended to help people to finally come forward with their trauma. They said, “I’m going to own this narrative, and it will not rule my life or emotional trauma ever again”. Then, they were gaslit … again. And again. And, again. Toxic, psychological bypassing types said, “You’reContinue reading “Gaslighting ~ set it on fire.”

Today, I met a starseed

We went to a farmer’s market today in a place that has some magical … something … in the air. The organic, delectable, hand woven things are beyond anything you can find in any store. In an age of shipping containers stuck, and big box stores paving paradise to put up parking lots, it’s timeContinue reading “Today, I met a starseed”

Refuse to be tamed

Writers and women who refuse to comply with societal rules that tell you who you are, don’t let them tame you. Don’t let them shame you. Be who you are. Take up space. Speak your mind. Be out of place. Don’t let them tame you. Let them know you’re there. Shout to the rooftops. StayContinue reading “Refuse to be tamed”

The truth about telling the truth

In theory, we are encouraging everyone to tell their truth, to be vulnerable and to share their experiences as they heal or thrive from them. AND then ….. We continue to mock, belittle, devalue, criticize, shame, blame and discount people for telling their story. What we say and what we do are two different things.Continue reading “The truth about telling the truth”

For the NaNoWriMo 2021

Just wanted to toss this to the wind for all people who are making a career transition and don’t think they can write. I began this page in very late August. I’ve published 108 posts. I have a dozen others in the drafts section for when I don’t want to write, or am on aContinue reading “For the NaNoWriMo 2021”

Women … let’s break down this thriving thing

Let’s talk about women who support other women and then, those other …. people. We want to see women who are dressed up, show up, toned up and bossed up. The world will treat you in direct correlation to how thin/toned you are; how wealthy you are; how youthful you are. If you’re connected, youContinue reading “Women … let’s break down this thriving thing”