The Avatar ~ Before FB turned us all into crones. 😉

Writing and healing took a priority in 2021. In 2022, I am going social ~ in the way a self diagnosed ambivert with social anxiety does ~ in limited engagements.

I’ll link all the socials for reference. As I publish, I’ll also add in links to the work.

In Short ~ I hold a master’s degree in Community Psychology; an advanced graduate certificate in Mental Health Counseling and am abd [all but done] PhD ~ my doctoral dissertation focused on professional women membership in an organization in relation to their subjective well-being (because when I started it, the professional powers over my doctoral program told me that studying happiness was unprofessional). :/ That was a million moons ago.

Today, I am a holistic Health and Well-Being Writer and Digital Nomad.

My hours are my own for now. However, the more I ventured into the digital writing world, the more I realized how little I wanted to give up my NON-digital life.

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