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This is where you’ll find the blog. For better or worse, the voices of females (including trans females, as all are welcome here) have been silenced. This is a safe space to say, be, do, and celebrate who we are ~ as we are.

Professional Life ~ The business of being a female entrepreneur
Bees have to work in a hive ~ it’s the hardest pill to swallow for humans (like me) who like to work alone

After living for half a century under the rule of misogyny, misinformation and false promises of what a professional life looks like, this free range female is creating her own version of happiness and joy.

Throw in the spice ~ what women really think
Bridget Jones’ Diary, Mr. Darcy.

The concept is real. To love and like ourselves ‘as is’ without the weight of social pressure to be just like everyone else ~ is a courageous act of self-love.

I’ve always wanted to create a space where stories can be shared by other women who aren’t ready to go full on ‘out’ from under the influence of social pressure to be “nice”. So? I’ll post the story here, after editing to keep content from exposing her ~ so she can be both out and in. Protected by those of us who have the courage to do so whole heartedly.

As a collective, I think it’s time we stop spilling our tea and start sipping it while we create the change we wish to see in the world.

We don’t have to spill our tea to enjoy the tales of surviving or thriving. We can just … drink it and savor a great story. The story of your life creates the world you live in. We learn about each other and ourselves by deep listening.

In celebration of the story; never ending; cultivating collaboratively ~ sometimes, doesn’t go our way, but then again, sometimes what comes next is even better.

My origin story ~ The Story of The House of Henry Healing ~ a holistic healing center for those who want something more ~ has been told.

Today’s the day I shift focus for what this next phase brings. A #WriteLife


Today’s the day we shift focus …


Supporting causes we believe in.

Cats | Change in the world I’d like to see | Great Coffee | Curiosity | Creativity | Curator of Change

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Today, I celebrate my #MeTooPhD and #NotDyingToTeach status. I’ve met countless women who have also been crushed, devalued, disrespected, mocked, belittled, humiliated and pushed out as a result of seeing through the veil of the game. We become a part of our stories we pick up along the way ~ those stories solidify over time into either a stone that holds us to the past, or an enlightenment that allows us to listen to the lesson instead.

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Launching ourselves into the growth, post-trauma is the most powerful social healer experience I’ve ever had.


Knowing that there are so many others ~ untapped resources ~ friends, yet to be made ~ is how I am manifesting an initiative toward helping other people heal on their journey toward personal freedom and professional clarity.

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Write Life & Results
  • Unblock thoughts that hold you back.
  • Write your own story. Be your own hero.
  • Heal Holistically.
Post Traumatic Growth

Be You. The World Will Adjust ~ eventually.

We all know that .

It’s what we do with it that matters.

Evidence Based Success

I use thirty years of experience in higher learning; education; psychology and holistic healing ~ energy work to cultivate an emergence of the authentic self. It’s a journey I’m honored to go on with you.

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