If you’re struggling ~ hit the pause button

If it triggers you ~ stop doing the thing

Pinterest saved from google images (I think) w/out finding the original photographer which really sucks, ’cause they deserve the credit.

If you feel overwhelmed or too out of sorts ~ stop doing what you’re doing

If you can’t regulate your emotions ~ step back, sit down, just breathe

We live in a world that demands and insists that we go, go, go, go, go ~ our six senses are drowning in being overstimulated all the time.


Turn it all off

There was a power outage this morning. For three hours when I was supposed to be in a virtual conference that already had a speaker that triggered my “furious” buttons. I didn’t even care that I was missing the others. I needed to find my center.

I decided to lean hard toward NO electricity or connection with anyone anywhere. Except my dog, who is not feeling well.

Green space (new age talk for go outside) 😉

Drink a lot of water

Appreciate the sun (or shade)

Get creative with reimagining life ~ during stressful or hurtful times, it’s the BEST time to think about what your life would be if you were doing exactly what you wanted to do.

Do no harm to self or others but get into your own headspace & go camping there for a while.

Thinking about all the people who have to work in this hot mess of a world right now ~ hit the pause if you can and if you can’t ~ shut off your emotional attachment to your job and embrace the audacity to be happy even if you’re having a shitty day.

We all have ’em

Here’s to the fog that hides the feels and the sun that warms it all back up again.

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Debunking Meme Nonsense & False Profits

Meme art is not meant to be a code to live by, though I do love my Pinterest scrolls. I know that 99.98% of all meme quotes are part of a bigger picture.

We don’t fall into them absolutely with a “Yeah … that’s true 100%” ~ at least I hope we don’t.

Take this one ~

Pinterest page, from a Life Hack page but no original artist was given any credit for it. :/ It’s a pet peeve

“Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak” ~ well, that’s true. Never assume.

However loud can be strong and quiet can be a weakness in such a loud world.

How about, instead of describing how we live in the world w/one liners, we realize that be it a loud or quiet approach to life, it is our self love, sense of self and a knowing who we are in the world that makes all the difference.

When we work on ourselves ~ we become the best version of who we are and yet … there is always something new to work on.

Humans have this creative, wonderful, never ending work of art to sculpt, mold, clarify and polish.

If you are quiet, you are the reason some people feel the need to be loud (less than secure confident people) and if you are loud, you are asking the world to see and hear you for who you are.

Embracing our DNA ~ circumstances ~ social identity ~ comfort level ~ career choices ~ security all pour into the pot that holds our essence.

Oscar Wilde quote, (this one rings 100% true) “Be You. The world will adjust”

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Best Day of Your Life ~ Pinterest Binging again

This is true ~ it’s also going to be a solo walk for a while, until you feel your footing again. Take your time. Go slow. It’s a good thing to be alone while the shadows take their time easing out of your brain.

Embrace both the dark and lighter feelings while you transcend toward whatever version of “normal” is for you.

If you have anxiety, so what? Give her a name and have some great conversations with her. Depression? Give her a dramatic name, then tell her to write you a deep dark poem.

The best artists use their sad bits to create a new version of the world. Be an artist.

Get creative with your new level of self love.

Whatever you do ~ don’t be ashamed of the dark side of your happiness ~ that shadow self the world tells you doesn’t belong. Yes. It does. We all have that.

Normalize the moment you align with all parts of your soul

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Self ~ we are enough

Be careful ~ the need for ‘likes’ is a drug ~ a diagnosable addiction/slippery slope into needing to be seen/heard/valued ~ one that can often damage one’s sense of self and self love. There is beauty in the darkness.

Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

Love yourself first ~ even without an audience

Be true to yourself ~ that’s when genuine people show up

Focus on your own accomplishments ~ no spotlight needed

Every storm has a morning after

Give yourself the grace to realize you are human. You will have dark days and you will have days in the sunshine. Embrace both.

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In the light, there’s a little dark for parents

Reflection of my son’s 18th birthday today ~ Most of parenthood is a joyful, loving, happiness filled ride ~ most. Not all.

Sometimes ~ parenthood is so easy. Sometimes, not so much. I’ve been at it for 30 years now. Sometimes w/a co-parent and sometimes not.

My regret? I didn’t choose peace nearly enough. We can’t go back, but we can share our experiences.

Some people have to live a little different life. Some have to co-parent with an ex. Some have to solo parent, living paycheck to paycheck. BTW, we are offended by wealthy, secure, safe, connected people telling them how hard it is to parent under stressful conditions.

Don’t do that. Don’t tell something how they are feeling when that person is acutely aware of how they are feeling.

Some single moms are forced into circumstances they don’t want to be in, because they have to do whatever it takes to raise their kids.

To those who fly solo through this journey ~ I see you ~ I was you ~ I hear you ~ you are seen, heard and felt with a whole heart.

When those moments of happiness come along, grab them. Savor the love, twist that into joy and embrace it with your whole heart.

If your circumstances change, include your kids ~ allow your children to have a voice. Validate their feelings. Family dynamics are a family affair. Include them when you want to make a change. They are resilient little humans. Probably more than adults.

Just one thing ~ don’t let the world tell you who you are. Be who you are. Challenge yourself to embrace it. All the messy, bitty parts of that quirky life fantastic ~ you’ve got this.

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