Artist Corner

I am NOT a website developer!

Angel Mama 2019

We all have our strengths ~ website design and fiddling around while cussing them out is more my speed.

Anywho ~ my art will be here ~ selling on ETSY unless I find a place I enjoy more.

Until then, here are some of my pieces ~ for me ~ I love to paint so pay no attention to anyone else’s opinion about their love or not love of it.

If it resonates with you ~ great! If not ~ that’s okay too.

Art is all subjective. 100% of it is.

Subjective well-being is my speciality in the field so I can actually show you the research, but I’m not that sort of girl.

Me ~ Today

And please don’t dm, offering your web prowess …. I’m not hiring at the moment. I’m challenging myself and kvetching ~ as any sort of artist does with one’s time. 🙂

The Hive 2018
Lady of the Lake 2018
Angel Noir 2017
Photo: k.ArenHenryMiller

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