Full Moon’s shed light too

Last night’s full moon shed some light as it was shadowed in darkness for a while. The world went outside to watch it happen. Not all happiness is paved in gold sparkly rainbow dust. Some of it in internally quiet. Sitting there in your mind, chipped and bumpy. Full of memories both good and badContinue reading “Full Moon’s shed light too”

For the NaNoWriMo 2021

Just wanted to toss this to the wind for all people who are making a career transition and don’t think they can write. I began this page in very late August. I’ve published 108 posts. I have a dozen others in the drafts section for when I don’t want to write, or am on aContinue reading “For the NaNoWriMo 2021”

Is “happy” a magic word?

**This is an excerpt from my book, TBA … I will brag about it soon enough** I studied happiness (subjective well-being) in a doctoral dissertation for a HOT minute … [years]. I also taught it for longer than that. Scientifically speaking. I also used it as a construct in delivering services in both my coachingContinue reading “Is “happy” a magic word?”

You don’t have to be ___________ to be a happy person ~

There is a growing stereotype that seems to be attaching itself to happiness. The thing is ~ We have to be flexible in our understanding of what ‘happy’ looks like. You can be sad, and still, at your core a happy person. That doesn’t mean you’re leaping and jumping with joy all the time ~Continue reading “You don’t have to be ___________ to be a happy person ~”

If it is dark ~ they will come ~ The write life

I missed it. I didn’t pay attention to the details. It didn’t bum me out, but it sort of did. TODAY is National Coffee Day but the deals? They were yesterday. Those tricksters. So? Disappointing but also ~ ya know ~ who doesn’t want to drop $3.59 +tx on a cup of coffee that wasContinue reading “If it is dark ~ they will come ~ The write life”

Can’t spill the tea today ~ it’s national coffee day!

Today is like Halloween for grown ups. 🙂 Addicted to caffiene grown ups that is. Today’s the day we all drive around from one java joint to the next, in search of the free coffee. Yes, I did say addicted. Yes, it’s perfectly normal Yes, we are exploring the world at large while finding ourContinue reading “Can’t spill the tea today ~ it’s national coffee day!”

Happy Hour Saturday style ~ Favorites edition.

I scrolled Instagram ~ most of my social media is filled up with industry professionals rather than people I know. “Believing in RomCommunism is believing that everything is going to work out” ~ Ted Lasso I love the inspiration of women who are in the business of helping women when it’s a visual day forContinue reading “Happy Hour Saturday style ~ Favorites edition.”

I made a promise to myself ~ now it’s trending …

Years ago ~ I promised myself to walk away from everything and everyone who was not right for me. I’ve decided to not keep my pain secret because I know there is someone out there right this very second who needs to hear that they are not alone; they are not crazy and they areContinue reading “I made a promise to myself ~ now it’s trending …”

444 Happy Hour Flash Decision making

There is one thing I know for sure ~ Mel Robins and her 5 second rule of decision making is spot on. Here are a few other things I know to be true ~ I know that there are people who can’t stand you if you cuss like a trucker, but will also look theContinue reading “444 Happy Hour Flash Decision making”

444 The …. “happy” hour? Um, not always

When I say happy hour … I mean, I hope I got a quick nap in. Naps make me happy. For those of you out drinking your first (only) after hour cocktail … good for you! Unwind a bit. Socialize to your heart’s content. Don’t over do it. The last time I went out onContinue reading “444 The …. “happy” hour? Um, not always”

A beautiful pain

There is a time to speak, write and share ~ then, there is a time to be quiet, to listen, to give space to the stories of others. What these women say ~ I’ve seen it and heard it myself. Academia is a whole other beast. I’m not here to spill the tea on anyContinue reading “A beautiful pain”

Maybe I’m just tired … maybe tired of synthetic happiness.

I was going to start a blog called “Kvetching with Karen” ~ it seemed mean. Several articles I’ve read as of late, have been all about the duplicitous nature of happiness. My own included. Why are we studying happiness? What’s the point of that? When did it take a turn toward shaming or blaming peopleContinue reading “Maybe I’m just tired … maybe tired of synthetic happiness.”

444 The Happy Hour? It gets fuzzy ;)

People know instinctively what is right for them and what is not. We just don’t listen to ourselves as much as we listen to other people. This is true at work and in life. Dogs follow their instincts. So do cats. They just have different priorities. One thing for sure ~ our four legged companionsContinue reading “444 The Happy Hour? It gets fuzzy ;)”

I set myself free

This is something only the eldurkin will understand. Especially women after the age of 50. Do you know how many women are writing about their experiences and survival skills today? Thousands. Maybe even millions. The irony is ~ people immediately turn away when a middle aged to elder female begins to speak. Which is partContinue reading “I set myself free”

Irish Proverb (so I’m told)

If you believe it to be true ~ it is true. Is that true? Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the watered down version of positivity. Grabbing coffee ~ hold on … Where was I? Ah yes, the “think positively movement” Of course it’s an amazing magical moment when you believe somethingContinue reading “Irish Proverb (so I’m told)”

444: Happy Hour ~ A quickie

Always remember and never forget ~ Just because someone invites you to their “event” ~ you can say no. Just because someone wants you to align with their campaign, program or culture ~ you can say no. Just because someone thinks that you would benefit from their platform, which will in the long game, benefitContinue reading “444: Happy Hour ~ A quickie”

Pay it forward ~ Knowledge is power

We learn from the master’s ~ then we teach what we have learned. The challenge is ~ we have lost sight of why we’re in this business of healing in the first place. I totally crush on the brilliance of Toni Morrison ~ her writing sets us free I’ve always admired the photography of AnnieContinue reading “Pay it forward ~ Knowledge is power”

There’s beauty in the ugly truth

Wait? What? What do you mean, there’s beauty in the ugly truth? Exactly what I said. When we tell our truth, our soul heals. When the truth comes out, no matter how ugly it is, we heal. In today’s synthetic world of overload information and quick to make snap judgements, we are drowning our brainsContinue reading “There’s beauty in the ugly truth”

444 Happy Hour ~ the afterthought

Sharing the super sad stuff post trauma … is super scary … at first. Then it’s part of the story that no longer defines you ~ and then … it’s a closed chapter in your life that no longer even exists. When you wish them well, knowing they wish you evil ~ you know you’veContinue reading “444 Happy Hour ~ the afterthought”