Poetry breathes life into the soul. F*ck purpose for now.

“I can not control what makes people stay or what makes people go.” “I can not control how other people receive me or how other people act in our world.” Those statements ~ …. those two simple little statements ~ … took years … no, … Took me decades to come up with and overContinue reading “Poetry breathes life into the soul. F*ck purpose for now.”

Banned books? ~ Dangerous Liaisons.

The moment a human decides that some form of art needs to be banned, be it literature, or paintings, movies, documentaries, poetry, visual or performing art ~ long list, short blog ~ in that moment … we lose a piece of our humanity. Why? We look away from what scares us ~ we become afraidContinue reading “Banned books? ~ Dangerous Liaisons.”

If it is dark ~ they will come ~ The write life

I missed it. I didn’t pay attention to the details. It didn’t bum me out, but it sort of did. TODAY is National Coffee Day but the deals? They were yesterday. Those tricksters. So? Disappointing but also ~ ya know ~ who doesn’t want to drop $3.59 +tx on a cup of coffee that wasContinue reading “If it is dark ~ they will come ~ The write life”

Can’t spill the tea today ~ it’s national coffee day!

Today is like Halloween for grown ups. 🙂 Addicted to caffiene grown ups that is. Today’s the day we all drive around from one java joint to the next, in search of the free coffee. Yes, I did say addicted. Yes, it’s perfectly normal Yes, we are exploring the world at large while finding ourContinue reading “Can’t spill the tea today ~ it’s national coffee day!”

Okay. So you’re happy(ish) ~ Now what?

You grieved. You processed. You followed all the self-help books. You may have even taken a course, or linked in with some big names in the happiness game. You spent all your diet industry money on the happiness industry, in hopes that you could kill two birds with one stone. You followed Oprah, bought allContinue reading “Okay. So you’re happy(ish) ~ Now what?”

Happy Hour from the Gram ~ therapy style

Guess what? ALL of these people fight for happiness ~ but happiness has different voices ~ different styles ~ a different feel ~ different labels. This is what I actually do for my own happy hour ~ I cloud watch ~ or stare at nature, soaking in the sounds of wildlife. This IMO, is aContinue reading “Happy Hour from the Gram ~ therapy style”

What’s the opposite of “positive”? It’s not negative.

I googled it to cut some time in locating a definition. 229,000,000 answers. I just don’t have that sort of time. Hold on, I need to grab my coffee for this one. I’ve been watching the spider build this web for over a month now. The lawn dudes keep swiping it away as they meticulouslyContinue reading “What’s the opposite of “positive”? It’s not negative.”

The 444 showed up again, but so did the 555 ~

According to numerology (as I have read it), I am surrounded by angels (the 4’s) and big changes are coming my way (the 5’s). I’ve just heard that another retrograde is happening and the fall equinox recently opened a portal of light ~ in other words ~ we’re very busy over here ~ making myContinue reading “The 444 showed up again, but so did the 555 ~”

Everything has a shadow side ~

There is a shadow side of everything. There is a nuance to the helping profession that many people in it, don’t want to own up to. Others wish it had more light so that we could fix a systemic reality that nobody wants to talk about, but effects all of us. Everyone has a shadowContinue reading “Everything has a shadow side ~”

Can we be too consciously aware to enjoy life?

Yes. I’ve just spent thirteen months being as quiet as possible (for me, I’m no monk on a mountaintop + ~ I talk to my cats out loud). I literally live on mountain top but I’m no Jay Sexy Shetty. I think the monks who make it have to also give up their monkish waysContinue reading “Can we be too consciously aware to enjoy life?”

Thank you for unfollowing ~ the happy hour.

20 people in my “friend” group ~ all members of the ever expanding positive psychology movement I’ve been part of since 2006 ~ unfriended me when I started writing this. Why? When I used to know everybody and though, I wasn’t interested in the lime light, I did appreciate the academic networking over things toContinue reading “Thank you for unfollowing ~ the happy hour.”

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt ~

This is something that our mothers told us ~ and their mothers before them ~ but I bet in my grandmother’s wildest nightmares, she never would have had to tell her grand daughters and great grand daughters how to survive the men closest to them. Or? Would she? It’s not just how to protect ourselvesContinue reading “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt ~”

Not doing a happy hour today

I’m too busy writing a chapter FULL of stuff that is energetically, coming back at me. My full on potty words are turned up loud so my online words are being censored by my internal morality police. I’m focusing on kittens ~ pretty things and kittens ~ these are a few of my favorite things.Continue reading “Not doing a happy hour today”

If it isn’t broken ~ don’t fix it.

Ah, the simple life. We’ve all complicated it, then spent the rest of our lives trying to simplify it after we level up to a certain … not age, but awareness. This quote about worrying ~ everyone I know with anxiety ~ and there are a lot ~ will either flip it the bird, or,Continue reading “If it isn’t broken ~ don’t fix it.”

Can we normalize not being “normal” please. Yes. We can.

Can’t stand cliche’d anything. Women who are obsessed with shoes? Tight, high, pinching shoes? Gross. I’d rather be barefoot or in flip flops. I’d rather be in casual clothes all the time. I don’t like make up or doing fussy things to my hair. Does that make me less than? Depends on who you talkContinue reading “Can we normalize not being “normal” please. Yes. We can.”

Life plays out like a …

I took a day to myself. No writing. No interacting. Nothing. It takes great strength to do nothing. Real nothing. Doing nothing is doing something. Netflix has some great saves ~ the streaming services kept some of us company ~ especially during the pandemic. Not everyone was bundled into a joyful home with a lovingContinue reading “Life plays out like a …”

444 Happy Hour Flash Decision making

There is one thing I know for sure ~ Mel Robins and her 5 second rule of decision making is spot on. Here are a few other things I know to be true ~ I know that there are people who can’t stand you if you cuss like a trucker, but will also look theContinue reading “444 Happy Hour Flash Decision making”

Don’t believe everything you meme

Don’t believe everything you meme ~ the whimsical or factual. The irony of our world right now is, we have decided to choose “sides” ~ yet each ‘side’ will say the exact same thing in such a confident manner, that neither is right, or wrong. I was sort of hoping for the big movie momentContinue reading “Don’t believe everything you meme”

444 The …. “happy” hour? Um, not always

When I say happy hour … I mean, I hope I got a quick nap in. Naps make me happy. For those of you out drinking your first (only) after hour cocktail … good for you! Unwind a bit. Socialize to your heart’s content. Don’t over do it. The last time I went out onContinue reading “444 The …. “happy” hour? Um, not always”

What is your life like in the micro?

Who are you? What is your life like on a daily basis? How do you deal with conflict? What about the mundane? Are you happy? Did you find this page ’cause you’re sick of being told to be happy … just be happy as if you had a magic wand? DO you have a magicContinue reading “What is your life like in the micro?”