The day was off ~ Ida

Up at 3 instead of 4. Was it wind? Naw … it was cat stuff. Thought too hard about what I wanted to write. Was it pressure? From whom? This is my page, doing it my way. 444 came and went ~ saw 11:11 too. I don’t see dead people but I do see repeatContinue reading “The day was off ~ Ida”

Irish Proverb (so I’m told)

If you believe it to be true ~ it is true. Is that true? Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the watered down version of positivity. Grabbing coffee ~ hold on … Where was I? Ah yes, the “think positively movement” Of course it’s an amazing magical moment when you believe somethingContinue reading “Irish Proverb (so I’m told)”

444: Happy Hour ~ A quickie

Always remember and never forget ~ Just because someone invites you to their “event” ~ you can say no. Just because someone wants you to align with their campaign, program or culture ~ you can say no. Just because someone thinks that you would benefit from their platform, which will in the long game, benefitContinue reading “444: Happy Hour ~ A quickie”

Pay it forward ~ Knowledge is power

We learn from the master’s ~ then we teach what we have learned. The challenge is ~ we have lost sight of why we’re in this business of healing in the first place. I totally crush on the brilliance of Toni Morrison ~ her writing sets us free I’ve always admired the photography of AnnieContinue reading “Pay it forward ~ Knowledge is power”

There’s beauty in the ugly truth

Wait? What? What do you mean, there’s beauty in the ugly truth? Exactly what I said. When we tell our truth, our soul heals. When the truth comes out, no matter how ugly it is, we heal. In today’s synthetic world of overload information and quick to make snap judgements, we are drowning our brainsContinue reading “There’s beauty in the ugly truth”

Don’t judge a book by the chapter you walked in on ~ long chapter ~ grab a snack

Sleep. The final frontier. That’s just a 3 am Kvetching I wanted to get out. I’m SO HAPPY to get to complain about sleep. Life’s good … that’s the important part of what I’m about to write. I started studying happiness back in 2007. I was an inaugural member of the biggest positive psychology organizationContinue reading “Don’t judge a book by the chapter you walked in on ~ long chapter ~ grab a snack”

One-size-fits-all happiness? No

Happiness is packaged to be a one-size-fits-all sense of what it should look like. Social media would have us believe that everyone is exuberant, leaping in the air with so much abundant joy, they can’t keep their feet on the ground. People smile until their faces hurt while standing in their high end confidence pose.Continue reading “One-size-fits-all happiness? No”