*Flash*Notice*Drama Mama …

If you are stalking or trolling another human being on the internet as a power trip (and I think someone just did that to another person who was reading my blog) …. what’s wrong with you? Get help. Trolling is popular, but it’s toxic popular, like all other mental illnesses or social deficits, it’s aContinue reading “*Flash*Notice*Drama Mama …”

“Ignore Everyone, Write your book”

Who was it that said, “Ignore everyone, write your book” first? Every motivational best selling author I’ve heard speak (and there are a lot of them) have repeated this time and time again. Redundant or important …. both are true. With social media, the need to interact with others on a daily basis seemed importantContinue reading ““Ignore Everyone, Write your book””

Women Writers #NaNoWriMo

There’s a girls club that goes with the NaNoWriMo mission. They gather together, have write-in’s and zoom calls. They get together for wine parties and cheer each other on. Me? Heart palpitations. This is the very thing I’ve never felt comfortable … ever. I’m not a joiner. Or a gatherer. I’m more that solo loneContinue reading “Women Writers #NaNoWriMo”

The business end of WordPress

WordPress seems to only be using a company called ‘Stripe’ for all transactions. I began the process to add a contribution/payment option, etc. as I do with my Wix site, that allows PayPal. Here’s the snag. They don’t acknowledge my bank. Also, after days of trying to contact a human being, and getting that electronicContinue reading “The business end of WordPress”

We are only data to them. Save your emotions. Reclaim your life.

Every time we comment, we are data for the analytics. Every time we feel our emotional tug to respond to some random post by a public page, we are generating hype for them, not us. So WHY, in an age of reclaiming our lives, are we turning toward the mass of media to offer ourContinue reading “We are only data to them. Save your emotions. Reclaim your life.”

Refuse to be tamed

Writers and women who refuse to comply with societal rules that tell you who you are, don’t let them tame you. Don’t let them shame you. Be who you are. Take up space. Speak your mind. Be out of place. Don’t let them tame you. Let them know you’re there. Shout to the rooftops. StayContinue reading “Refuse to be tamed”

The truth about telling the truth

In theory, we are encouraging everyone to tell their truth, to be vulnerable and to share their experiences as they heal or thrive from them. AND then ….. We continue to mock, belittle, devalue, criticize, shame, blame and discount people for telling their story. What we say and what we do are two different things.Continue reading “The truth about telling the truth”

Women … let’s break down this thriving thing

Let’s talk about women who support other women and then, those other …. people. We want to see women who are dressed up, show up, toned up and bossed up. The world will treat you in direct correlation to how thin/toned you are; how wealthy you are; how youthful you are. If you’re connected, youContinue reading “Women … let’s break down this thriving thing”


Reclaim your life. Wake up and decide in that moment that you hold all the power. You are going to make the day the very best of your life. I know. Sounds corny in a motivational speaker smarmy sort of way … and yet, it is how you break those patterns of negative thinking. Don’tContinue reading “#Reclaim_Your_Life”

Post Traumatic Meme Disorder

We read the memes and hear the non-expert experts toss out whimsical advice on how to live our lives in the pursuit of happiness. This past year, my coming of age was realized. It just came at a much older age than I had realized. Instead of trying to change the wind ~ I adjustedContinue reading “Post Traumatic Meme Disorder”

Women are writing

Kindness is being criticized in the media (saw a cartoon in the NYTimes) I am acutely consciously aware of how the past 7 years have radically changed my life. I died several times over. Nobody came to save me. I saved myself. I gave up everything that was holding me to a place, to people,Continue reading “Women are writing”

Boundaries ~ Thriving ~ Defining

This blog is my glass house. I’m sharing what I’ve acquired along the way on my journey through this life span but I have boundaries. We all need boundaries. For me ~ it’s personal but it’s also a professional lens on how I got to a writing life as a full time career. **The workContinue reading “Boundaries ~ Thriving ~ Defining”

Words are never about the words

We don’t cuss or use words to “shock” someone. We use words to describe our lens on the world. When I started this blog (on September 25th to be exact) ~ I kvetched about yet another white, male faculty member who let’s his cuss words fly at will who was being gross with his students.Continue reading “Words are never about the words”

Shameless + Positive Psychology? What would Frank Gallagher say?

My father’s father. He was Frank Gallagher, just not as charming and not as nice. Pop was a raging mean-as-spit alcoholic. God only knows how his children survived. They were one in the same though. Frank, I think, was the better man. Frank knew how to love. Pop? Not so much. If you haven’t seenContinue reading “Shameless + Positive Psychology? What would Frank Gallagher say?”

Is “happy” a magic word?

**This is an excerpt from my book, TBA … I will brag about it soon enough** I studied happiness (subjective well-being) in a doctoral dissertation for a HOT minute … [years]. I also taught it for longer than that. Scientifically speaking. I also used it as a construct in delivering services in both my coachingContinue reading “Is “happy” a magic word?”

Let’s Talk About Nate vs Ted

So I am going to write about Nate vs Ted on Ted Lasso ~ I’m obsessed. But first … you have to go see Ted Lasso … Apple TV. They deserved all the awards. Is this the Holiday series to replace ALL the Hallmark movies? Oh yeah … I’m going there. Lasso is the perfectContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Nate vs Ted”

Smart Women Curse

I love it when a super successful icon lets the expletives fly ~ and they are full on flags of freedom to say what they want to say without social pressure to curb their words or enthusiasm. I’m not shy to say that I’m a feminist … not a cliche’d version or an Uppity ~Continue reading “Smart Women Curse”

Let’s here it for the ladies

Let’s go girls ~ to all the people out there saying it’s not professional to cuss, but would give their left foot to hang out with a celebrity ~ this post is for you. Katy Perry ~ Madonna ~ Adele ~ Dame Judy Dench ~ Helen Mirren ~ Cher ~ Dr. Brene Brown ~ everyContinue reading “Let’s here it for the ladies”

Sexual abuse… Let’s unlearn something ~

Females (all females, including trans females) of all ages from birth through death continue to suffer the burden of proof when they are attacked or violated. The legal system hasn’t caught up yet ~ that I’ve heard of and experienced. Every 68 seconds ~ a citizen of the United States is sexually abused. 1.2 millionContinue reading “Sexual abuse… Let’s unlearn something ~”