Give and Take

The world (maybe the old world) tells us that we are not allowed to have two careers ~ that we have to define who we are, with a singular thought; give our all to building our brand; stay loyal to one industry; then, slowly, climb that corporate ladder until we’ve achieved a thirty year resumeContinue reading “Give and Take”

Banned books? ~ Dangerous Liaisons.

The moment a human decides that some form of art needs to be banned, be it literature, or paintings, movies, documentaries, poetry, visual or performing art ~ long list, short blog ~ in that moment … we lose a piece of our humanity. Why? We look away from what scares us ~ we become afraidContinue reading “Banned books? ~ Dangerous Liaisons.”

If it is dark ~ they will come ~ The write life

I missed it. I didn’t pay attention to the details. It didn’t bum me out, but it sort of did. TODAY is National Coffee Day but the deals? They were yesterday. Those tricksters. So? Disappointing but also ~ ya know ~ who doesn’t want to drop $3.59 +tx on a cup of coffee that wasContinue reading “If it is dark ~ they will come ~ The write life”

Thank you for unfollowing ~ the happy hour.

20 people in my “friend” group ~ all members of the ever expanding positive psychology movement I’ve been part of since 2006 ~ unfriended me when I started writing this. Why? When I used to know everybody and though, I wasn’t interested in the lime light, I did appreciate the academic networking over things toContinue reading “Thank you for unfollowing ~ the happy hour.”

Not doing a happy hour today

I’m too busy writing a chapter FULL of stuff that is energetically, coming back at me. My full on potty words are turned up loud so my online words are being censored by my internal morality police. I’m focusing on kittens ~ pretty things and kittens ~ these are a few of my favorite things.Continue reading “Not doing a happy hour today”

Can we normalize not being “normal” please. Yes. We can.

Can’t stand cliche’d anything. Women who are obsessed with shoes? Tight, high, pinching shoes? Gross. I’d rather be barefoot or in flip flops. I’d rather be in casual clothes all the time. I don’t like make up or doing fussy things to my hair. Does that make me less than? Depends on who you talkContinue reading “Can we normalize not being “normal” please. Yes. We can.”

444 Happy Hour Flash Decision making

There is one thing I know for sure ~ Mel Robins and her 5 second rule of decision making is spot on. Here are a few other things I know to be true ~ I know that there are people who can’t stand you if you cuss like a trucker, but will also look theContinue reading “444 Happy Hour Flash Decision making”

444 The Happy Hour, For those times you feel like you’re in a Munch painting.

The abuse of power from public officials intertwined with facing off (opposite of ‘savoring the moment’) with people who clearly don’t like their jobs. All while keeping a conscious decision to be politically correct … is a hella afternoon. WHERE is my stillness? I’m going to tell you a little story of how Karen wantsContinue reading “444 The Happy Hour, For those times you feel like you’re in a Munch painting.”

Is the world really happy ~ being so … seen?

Are we okay? Is being seen really about being … seen? Or, is it about money. Have we traded in our soul for profit? Everyone is profiting from the positivity movement. I’m not so sure it’s a good thing. Except for those who sell it like a knock-off-designer bag on the streets of NY orContinue reading “Is the world really happy ~ being so … seen?”

444: The Happy Hour

Thirsting for truth … Listening to and gathering information for a newly deconstructed transition ~ finding holes and making lists. The short answer for this existential truth is ~ I’ve heard from a trending source that it seems that EVERYONE is also experiencing this question ~ “Who am I? What am I doing? Is thisContinue reading “444: The Happy Hour”

300 words … that’s all we have time for?

We humans are a fickle bunch. We want fewer words but more explanations. We want deeper meaning, but surface level communication. We want to be liked, but don’t work on understanding others. People start social media groups, then allow arguing, name calling and bullying like we’re all stuck in junior high school. We want everyoneContinue reading “300 words … that’s all we have time for?”

Pay it forward ~ Knowledge is power

We learn from the master’s ~ then we teach what we have learned. The challenge is ~ we have lost sight of why we’re in this business of healing in the first place. I totally crush on the brilliance of Toni Morrison ~ her writing sets us free I’ve always admired the photography of AnnieContinue reading “Pay it forward ~ Knowledge is power”

There’s beauty in the ugly truth

Wait? What? What do you mean, there’s beauty in the ugly truth? Exactly what I said. When we tell our truth, our soul heals. When the truth comes out, no matter how ugly it is, we heal. In today’s synthetic world of overload information and quick to make snap judgements, we are drowning our brainsContinue reading “There’s beauty in the ugly truth”

444 Happy Hour ~ the afterthought

Sharing the super sad stuff post trauma … is super scary … at first. Then it’s part of the story that no longer defines you ~ and then … it’s a closed chapter in your life that no longer even exists. When you wish them well, knowing they wish you evil ~ you know you’veContinue reading “444 Happy Hour ~ the afterthought”

Don’t judge a book by the chapter you walked in on ~ long chapter ~ grab a snack

Sleep. The final frontier. That’s just a 3 am Kvetching I wanted to get out. I’m SO HAPPY to get to complain about sleep. Life’s good … that’s the important part of what I’m about to write. I started studying happiness back in 2007. I was an inaugural member of the biggest positive psychology organizationContinue reading “Don’t judge a book by the chapter you walked in on ~ long chapter ~ grab a snack”

444 ~ pm

Happy Hour … this morning’s post was sort of depressing. Also … part of the adventure of advocacy. That’s the indelible mystery about being happy in spite of a bad dream or bad day … it’s going to be a different shade of midnight blue. The light life (which I’ve also been writing for aContinue reading “444 ~ pm”

Fly by Night Thoughts about happiness ~ this is a long one … go get a drink 1st …

Do you wake up at 4 am? 3 am? Your brain cranking out thought after thought about the random things that happen during the waking hours for everyone else? I’m gritty … it is what it is. **trigger warning** A mention of suicide in this writing. For me, for millions of others who also haveContinue reading “Fly by Night Thoughts about happiness ~ this is a long one … go get a drink 1st …”

One-size-fits-all happiness? No

Happiness is packaged to be a one-size-fits-all sense of what it should look like. Social media would have us believe that everyone is exuberant, leaping in the air with so much abundant joy, they can’t keep their feet on the ground. People smile until their faces hurt while standing in their high end confidence pose.Continue reading “One-size-fits-all happiness? No”