Writing Wall

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This digital nomad journey means that I need a digital home in order to store the writing I’m doing across platforms.

This wall is my library …

Here’s the breakdown ~ so far, it’s more of a tiny house, but the goal is by the end of the year, it’ll be a growing village of writing

I’m calling it my pub tour … as in publishing across multiple streams ~ sort of a tour of vibes of the writing tribe.

Instagram @inkhoneypub

Facebook is for dissemination of content regarding healing post trauma @inkhoneypub with some writing

Medium is @inkhoneypub is a chapter by chapter work toward post traumatic growth

Elephant Journal is @inkhoneypub ~ a holistic healing journey

Here on Happiness Noir as a reflection of current events in relation to post traumatic growth ~ the journey

I’m also keeping it up to date with the transformational life coaching work I do as a guide to the universe post trauma on Henry Healing dot com

Whole person approach to healing includes:

Narrative Therapy

Holistic (whole person) organic healing

Focus on your own well-being

Meaning Therapy

Transformational life coaching

** I also have a backlist of books that I published almost a decade ago. I left them behind but may bring them back one day**

Moving forward in 2022

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

p.s… the Photo’s by Pexels.com are from artists, just like you who sell their pics to the pex. I firmly believe in supporting small businesses.

Writers are small business owners ~ So are photographers ~ digital artists, and every other sort of artistic medium.

So ~ I use the pre-selected images as much as possible.

In case you were curious.